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"Peenemünde was used by the Germans for cutting edge missile research."

— In-game briefing

"The war is all but over, but one battle remains: the fight between Allied countries over the spoils of the war. The US and Russian armies raced to Peenemüende, Germany to secure the secrets contained within the city's V2 research facility. The US beat the Russians to the town, but the Germans still control the facility, so the Yanks are going to have a fight on their hands. If they win this battle, they'll have the blueprints to one of the most awesome and feared weapons of the war."

— World War II Anthology Edition Manual

Peenemünde is a map featured in the Battlefield 1942: Secret Weapons of WWII expansion. It takes place within the Peenemünde proving grounds on Germany's Baltic Coast. Seeking to seize the facility's secrets, a US Army mechanized force races eastwards to capture Peenemünde from its Wehrmacht defenders, who are fielding the center's advanced weapons to buy time for their personnel to relocate.


Conquest is fought between three capturable flags, arranged somewhat linearly about the map's central vertical axis. The map consists of seven islands of various sizes, five of which hold flags or deployments and two which border the map boundary. Each team lacks a component of the other's vehicle complement in their main deployment, with these assets instead tied to capturable objectives - for the Wehrmacht, they initially lack tanks, while the US Army have no aircraft.


Flag of the United States.svg United States Army
Light vehicle(s)


Armored personnel carrier(s)


Tank destroyer(s)


Anti-aircraft vehicle(s)

40mm Bofors


Commando Raft


M2 Browning

Flag Germany 1933.png Wehrmacht
Light vehicle(s)


Anti-aircraft vehicle(s)

Flak 38

Fixed-wing aircraft

Bf 109





The Wehrmacht main spawn is on the airstrip, located on an island on the north side of the map. It is connected with the main body of the map by a single bridge. The assortment of hangars and sandbag fighting positions adjacent to the runway house a number of experimental aircraft, such as Natters, HO-229s and a Wasserfall guided missile launcher, granting the Germans complete air superiority over the battlefield. However, the Germans lack tanks of any kind and must capture nearby flags to gain access to them. The Schwimmwagen can be used to traverse the large amount of water on the map, bypassing bottlenecks around the bridges.


The US Army deploys from the smallest island on the map, found in the map's southeastern sector. The large number of buildings offer better cover against spawn camping than the German deployment, but are similarly bottlenecked by a single road bridge off the island. As noted above, the US team lacks aircraft of any kind, and are reliant on their generous ground vehicle loadout of T95s and T34 Calliopes, while a number of amphibious LVTPs as well as a Commando Raft on the eastern shore allow them to land troops at unexpected places along the archipelago.


The three-storey Hotel building is located within a walled compound to the immediate southwest of the German deployment. Three tanks, specifically a Tiger, Flakpanzer and Sturmtiger each, are provided by this flag upon capture. In addition, there will be two MG 42 regardless of who captures this flag, as well as two Flak 38 under German control, or one AA Allies only under US control.


The Island on the eastern edge of the map can be reached using its sole road bridge. The landmass contains a few houses spread out around the main road, as well as a large church opposite the capture area itself, which is just off the east end of the bridge. The flag spawns light transport (Willys MB or Schwimmwagen) as well as either a Flakpanzer or T34 Calliope when captured. Directly east of the flag is a fenced-off bunker housing a Wasserfall launcher.


The Southern Airfield is located on a long, thin island to the west of the US spawn. It consists of a fortified landing strip on the outskirts of a small town. The base must be seized by the US to gain access to aircraft, namely one AW-52 and two Natter Rocket Planes. Under German control it spawns no aircraft. In addition, it spawns a T34 Calliope or Tiger.

Capture the Flag[]

The general control point and vehicle layouts are the same as in Conquest, however:

  • Hotel is now the uncapturable German starting point.
  • Southern Airfield is now the uncapturable US starting point.
  • The former uncapturable Axis and Allied Bases are now the objective flags to be captured by the opposing team.

Team Deathmatch[]

The general control point and vehicle layouts are the same as in Conquest. The Axis Base and Hotel are now both uncapturable under the Germans, and similarly with the Allied Base and Southern Airfield for the US, leaving Island as the only capturable flag to provide an additional spawn point.


"The V2 rocket technology held at Peenemünde was a key target for the Allies. Their rapid advance through the area caught the Germans by surprise, and they managed to capture the facilities before significant resistance could be levied against them."

— American Victory

"The V2 rocket technology held at Peenemünde was a key target for the Allies, but the Germans were determined to keep their V2 technology out of Allied hands. The Allies were unable to secure the research facility, giving the Germans valuable time to secure their technology."

— American Defeat

"The Germans were determined to keep their V2 technology out of enemy hands, and many gave their lives to defend against the Allied onslaught. Their efforts and sacrifice were not in vain. The Allies were forced to retreat, giving German scientists the time they needed to secure the Axis secrets."

— German Victory

"The war almost over and the enemy pressing on all fronts, the German forces could not afford the resources needed to properly defend Peenemünde. The outnumbered troops put up a valiant fight, but the Allies defeated the German resistance, capturing German scientists and the V2 research facility, home to a wealth of Axis technological secrets."

— German Defeat


  • There is evidence that Objective Mode was also planned for this map, since in Objects.rfa one can find the folder Objects/Objectives/Peenemunde_Bridges alongside objectives for other maps.