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Peenemünde is a map featured in the Battlefield 1942: Secret Weapons of WWII expansion. The objective is to destroy or defend a large facility full of V-1 flying bombs and V-2 rockets launching from this island and attempting to destroy any Western European city such as Antwerp, Paris or London. Most of the bombs and rockets eventually have hit London since June 13 in revenge for a bombing attempt by RAF Command held one night against the German facilities. The US Army are forced to infiltrate and use aircraft to destroy the facility as the Germans try to hold it and launch more missiles into Western Europe.


Peenemünde AirfieldEdit

German Field Marshall Albert Kesselring after taking sole command of the Italian frontier, is taking command of the facility. With flying bombs, V-2 rockets and a new weapon called the Wasserfall ready to launch against London and American forces, Kesselring got some aircraft plus vehicles at the ready such as the Flettner and the Flakpanzer IV anti-air gunners will prove the American bombers to be shot down near this island or enemy soldiers will likely to come across and capture the airfield. 

Peenemünde Army Research CenterEdit

Kesselring's army is stationed at this research center. It will consist tanks and vehicles when ready to fire on American forces when they come near to the facility. Should the research center be captured by the United States Army, this can become more worse for the airfield under German control. This building is vital for all rocket pads to launch and hit London with a bang.

US AirfieldEdit

Generals Henry Arnold and Carl Spaatz are ready to use a lot of bombers and experimental aircraft to bomb the Peenemünde airfield and research center. If the airfield is abandoned and captured by the Germans, Germany could turn the tables against the Americans by destroying them and hit London using V-1 and V-2 missiles.