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For the similarly named faction, see People's Liberation and Resistance

The People's Liberation Army (Chinese: 中国人民解放军) is the official name of the Chinese armed forces. Founded in 1921 under the control of Communist Party of China, they participated in the Chinese Civil War, extended over certain periods between 1927 and 1950. As the PLA was victorious over the Republic of China's forces, the Communist Party of China took control officially in 1949 and created the People's Republic of China. From there on out, the PLA became the main military force of the PRC. Presently, it consists of 5 branches: the Ground Force, the Navy, the Air Force, the Second Artillery Corps and the Armed Police.

It currently has the largest number of active personnel in the world at 2.3 million soldiers.

Battlefield 2[]

The PLA Theme Tune

In Battlefield 2, the PLA fights the United States Marine Corps and the European Union alongside the Middle Eastern Coalition,

Engagements against the USMC[]

Image Map
Songhua64 Songhua Stalemate: The stalemate continues on the banks of this river where both teams are fired up. Long range combat and vehicles clash in the center of the map, where it is gives way to small hills and swampy terrain.
BF2 Dalian Plant Dalian Plant: A nuclear facility is a huge focus on this map. Though surrounding docks make the battle leading up to the facility closer in combat. But remember, vehicles of all sorts will be driving, flying and swimming their way around the coast.
OilfieldBF2 Daqing Oilfields: In the heart of these rolling hills sits an oilfield. The oil may feed the vehicles around the map, but longish range combat fuels the battle. Many buildings in the facility though, house close quarters combat.
IngameMapFuShe Pass FuShe Pass: This pass contains a river that forces the combat up stream. Sight lines are long and narrow helping to force the battle to tight infantry fights. Air and naval Vehicles though, can go around without restrictions. Ground though, are like their infantry brethren.
Operation Blue Pearl ingameMap Operation Blue Pearl: A final stand that puts both forces into a flooded city. Navy and the few ground forces that are their will help fight the battle. Close quarters is the name of the game here as you fight for what isn't submerged.
IngameMapDragonBF2 Dragon Valley: Amphibious, vehicular, air and infantry will storm this valley that is gorged out of a river that forks halfway through. More long and narrow combat helps to progress the battle forward throughout the valley.
Crashed Zero 02 Wake Island 2007: A classic brought into the modern warfare scene. One team on carrier attacks the other that captured the island. Naval invasion will be the name of the game on this long ranged island assault.
BF2 Midnight Sun (AF) Midnight Sun: This city wraps around the bay making long range, vehicular combat a linear affair as it pushes into the heart of the land. Naval combat pushes in between each strand of land and the air can engage anywhere.

Engagements against the EU[]

Image Map
Quan compound 32p (2) (EF) Great Wall: The war comes to an ancient wonder, but the real question is, will it defend against these invaders? Heavy vehicular and long-medium range combat will decide that! Houses within the vicinity will switch it up to close quarters combat

Default Character Kits[]

Special Forces


Light Vehicles[]

Image Name
BF2 FAV Buggy China FAV
NJ 2046 Render BF2 NJ 2046
Muscle car (Neutral) (AF) Muscle Car


Image Name
Type 98 Render BF2 Type 98 Tank
WZ-551 Render BF2 WZ551
Type 95 SPAAA Render BF2 Type 95 SPAAA

Fixed-wing Aircraft[]

Image Name
J-10 Render BF2 J-10
Su-30 Render BF2 Su-30
Q-5 Fantan Render BF2 (AF) Q5 Fantan


Image Name
Wz10 WZ-10
Z-8 Render BF2 Z-8 Transport
WZ-11 Render BF2 (AF) WZ-11 Scout Helicopter

Naval Vessels[]

Image Name
RIB Render BF2 RIB


Image Name
Mounted Type 95 BF2 Mounted QBB-95
BF2 Predator UAV UAV

Battlefield 2: Modern Combat[]

In Battlefield 2: Modern Combat, the PLA is one of the two playable factions in singleplayer. It is also a playable faction in multiplayer.

Engagements against the United States Marine Corps[]

Engagements against the European Union[]

Player Kits[]



Spec Ops[]




Heavy Vehicles[]

Light Vehicles[]



Battlefield 4[]


In Battlefield 4, the People's Liberation Army forms the main antagonist faction in the singleplayer campaign. The PLA appears in all the levels with the exception of Baku and Tashgar, where the Russian Ground Forces are instead present.

The PLA's first appearance is in Shanghai, where Tombstone Squad is sent to extract Kovic and two other VIPs. The PLA is fought whilst extracting the VIPs. After the VIPs are extracted from Shanghai by helicopter, Tombstone is left behind, forced to escape Shanghai on foot. PLA forces battle Tombstone through alleyways and streets, while the squad is trying to reach a nearby harbor to escape by water. While Tombstone is pulling out of Shanghai in a civilian boat, Chang detonates an EMP blast in Shanghai, causing a mass blackout in the city, and causing a Z-10 to crash near Tombstone's boat, and crippling the electronics of the USS Valkyrie and the rest of the Seventh Fleet.

In the South China Sea, the PLA launches an assault on all nearby US ships in the South China Sea. The USS Titan is among those attacked and is fatally damaged by PLA forces, who board the carrier to find the voyage recorder. Tombstone is sent to find and secure the voyage recorder before the PLA can. Tombstone manages to secure the Voyage recorder and comes across several PLA soldiers. A firefight ensues under the deck before the ship splits in two, beginning to sink. Tombstone fights the PLA on the flight deck before escaping via a DV-15 Interceptor. The PLA then besiege the Valkyrie but are repelled by the Valkyrie's defenders with the help of Tombstone.

Tombstone participates in an amphibious assault on Singapore to blow up an airport housing PLAAF attack jets threatening to wipe out the remnants of the US fleet. The Marines successfully clear the beach and push through to the city, losing most of their forces in the process. Tombstone continues alone, infiltrating the airport. After defeating fierce Chinese resistance, Tombstone launches the signal flare for Garrison to fire the Valkyrie's missiles at the airfield. The airport is destroyed, but Tombstone's vehicle crashes, and Irish and Recker are captured by PLA forces led by an apparently traitorous Hannah. Irish and Recker are sent to a fortified prison in Kunlun Mountains, while Pac is left on the tarmac, assumed dead.

In the Kunlun Mountains prison, the PLA will appear halfway through the level to assist the MPS prison guards in stopping an escape by Dima, Recker and Irish. After reaching the outside, Tombstone then proceeds to fight their way to a cable car and escape. A Z-11W arrives and shoots down the cable car, killing Dima.

After helping USMC forces retake Tashgar from Russian forces, Tombstone receives a C-130 trip to the Valkyrie, which is now in Suez, Egypt, where the PLA has taken over the northern part of the Suez Canal. Tombstone finds the ship again under siege by PLA troops. Tombstone then fights its way through the ship to find Garrison. Jin Jie reveals himself to a squad of PLA soldiers that breach the medical bay that he, Tombstone, and Garrison are in, ceasing hostilities between Tombstone and the PLA soldiers. The PLA quickly spreads the news to other PLA forces on the ship. Admiral Chang attempts to destroy the USS Valkyrie in order to "bury the truth". Tombstone then proceeds to use C4 and an RHIB boat to destroy Chang's warship. After the detonation fails, either Irish or Hannah can be chosen to manually plant another C4 charge to destroy Chang's ship, putting an end to the war between Russia, China, and the US. If neither is chosen, or in the player does not detonate the charge in time, the Valkyrie will be destroyed, and the war will continue.


The uniforms they wear come in five varieties, in which most of them are in Oceanic Blue Camo:

  • Machine gunner - Looking identical to the Chinese Support in Multiplayer with the exception of their helmet is identical to the RGF in SP. They wield Type 88 LMGs and are immune to headshots.
  • Special Forces - Have the body of PLA Recon, legs of PLA Assault and head of PLA Engineer. They use Hawk shotguns or JS2 PDWs.
  • Regular Infantry - Have the helmet of Jack Chaffin(without goggles) in BF3 campaign, body of PLA Assault, and legs of PLA Recon. They are armed with the QBZ-95-1.
  • Sniper - Have the head and body of RGF Recon, legs of PLA Recon. They use the FY-JS.
  • Anti-Tank - Have the head of RGF Engineer, body of PLA Engineer and legs of PLA Recon. They use SMAW rocket launchers or grenade launchers.


Assault Rifles Bf4 qbz951 QBZ-95-1
Launchers Bf4 mk153 smaw SMAW
Light Machine Guns Bf4 type88 Type 88 LMG
Personal Defense Weapons Bf4 js2 JS2
Shotguns Bf4 hawk12g Hawk 12G
Sniper Rifles Bf4 fyjs FY-JS


The Chinese operate a wide variety of vehicles in Battlefield 4, almost all of which are Chinese in origin. Q-5 Fantans are their jet of choice in the singleplayer. Their main battle tank is the Type 99. The ZBD-09 and Type 95 are operated as APCs. On the water, they wield DV-15 and RHIB boats. The ZFB-05 appears as a sort of fast attack vehicle. In terms of helicopters, they operate both the Z-9, Z-10W and Z-11W.

Light Vehicles BF4 zfb05 ZFB-05
Armor BF4 type99mbt Type 99 MBT
Zbd09 fancy ZBD-09
BF4 Type95aa Type 95 SPAAA
Helicopters BF4 z11 Z-11W
BF4 z10w Z-10W
BF4 z9haitun Z-9 Haitun
Fixed-Wing Aircraft BF4 q5 Q-5 Fantan
Naval Craft BF4 dv15 DV-15 Interceptor
BF4 rhib RHIB
Screenshot 28 Admiral Chang's Warship

Notable Personnel[]



In multiplayer, the People's Liberation Army fights against the United States Marine Corps and Russian Ground Force. The PLA fight the USMC on all maps they are present on by default, with the exception of Golmud Railway, Rogue Transmission and Lancang Dam, where they combat the RGF instead.

Due to the choice of factions on a map being up to the server operator in Battlefield 4, the PLA can appear on any map against any other faction, including the PLA itself, if the server owner wishes so (Official DICE servers always use the default system, however).

Versus USMC logo United States Marine Corps
Versus Flag of the Russian ground forces Russian Ground Forces

Soldier Camouflages[]

By default, PLA soldiers in multiplayer are equipped with Type 07 GI camouflage, but can unlock faction specific camouflages from Battlepacks, such as Urban Airborne or PLA Desert. Camouflages like Splinter and Fire Starter receive a unique scheme for the PLA when equipped.

The following are the camouflages exclusive to the PLA in Battlefield 4:

Camouflage Intel Requirements

Default (Type 07 GI)

BF4 CN Default Camo

Standard issue Chinese urban uniform in dark blue and grey; ideal for blending in with concrete and steel. Unlocked By Default

Urban Airborne

BF4 Urban Airborne Camo

Large pattern urban ERDL pattern camouflage in use by Chinese airborne troops. Battlepack Item

Oceanic Green

BF4 Oceanic Green Camo

A blend of oceanic green and blue colors on light background in use by the Chinese marines. Battlepack Item

PLA Desert

BF4 PLA Desert Camo

Chinese Type 07 digital pixel pattern developed for desert and arid environments. Battlepack Item

Dense Urban

BF4 Dense Urban Camo

A denser bland ERDL pattern for use in urban environments. The more prominent whites in this pattern also function in snowy environments. Battlepack Item

Fire Starter

BF4 CN Fire Starter Camo

Release your inner pyro. Complete Second Assault assignment Fire Starter

Urban Tiger

BF4 Urban Tiger Camo

Chinese modernized take on the tiger stripe camouflage pattern for urban and naval environments. Premium Item Only

Oceanic Blue

BF4 Oceanic Blue Camo

An update to the Oceanic Green, the blue colors prominent in this ERDL pattern blends in better in sea environments. Premium Item Only


BF4 CN Splinter Camo

Recolor of the modern Swedish Splinter camouflage pattern customized for elite units. Veteran Battlepack Item

Naval PLA Naval

Type 07 pixel camouflage pattern developed for Marine troops in coastal and naval environments. Battlepack Item

Default kits[]

The following loadouts shown below are the kit defaults for the PLA in Battlefield 4's multiplayer mode. Unlike Battlefield 3, there are no asymmetric starting weapons (and thus no faction-specific weaponry), and the starting gear and weapons are shared across all three factions, similar to Bad Company 2.

BF4 Ch engineer
BF4 Ch support
  • CS-LR4
  • P226
  • PLD
  • C4
  • M67 Hand Grenade
  • Defensive (Upgrade Path)


The following are vehicles available to PLA units in multiplayer. Other vehicles, like the LD-2000 AA, are also used by the PLA faction, but cannot be directly controlled by the player. Vehicles used by other factions can also be commandeered by the PLA if they are not be operated by an enemy player.

Light Vehicles BF4 lyt2021 LYT2021
BF4 zfb05 ZFB-05
BF4 Quad Bike Battlelog Icon Quad Bike
BF4 Dirtbike (CR) Dirt Bike
Armor BF4 type99mbt Type 99 MBT
Zbd09 fancy ZBD-09
BF4 Type95aa Type 95 SPAAA
BF4 himars (Neutral) M142
Helicopters BF4 z11 Z-11W
BF4 z10w Z-10W
BF4 z9haitun Z-9 Haitun
Fixed-Wing Aircraft BF4 j20 J-20
BF4 q5 Q-5 Fantan
BF4 Bomber Icon (CR) Xian H-6
Naval Craft BF4 dv15 DV-15 Interceptor
BF4 rhib RHIB
BF4 pwc (Neutral) Personal Watercraft






PLA Infantry BF4

PLA Infantry from Multiplayer, as seen in the trailer.

Battlefield4 character enemy concepts

Early concept art of the PLA Assault and Support.

Chinese Engineer

Render of PLA Engineer, Note the full black uniform

Battlefield 4[]

  • When PLA Assault equips the default Type 07 GI camouflages, players would notice that the digital-grey pattern on the long-sleeved could only be seen through first-person view. In third-person, however, the soldier wears a pure blue top. The third-person camouflages were cut after the Beta version due to the lack of memory storage for consoles.
  • In Battlefield 4, the PLA Engineer is the only PLA member that wears a full black uniform as default.
  • In Battlefield 4, the PLA Support wears an armored mask, though it is only cosmetic. In an earlier concept, the armored mask covers the face of the soldier.
  • The PLA never become attackers in Rush Mode, unless on a custom server where the PLA is engaging the PLA. This is possibly a developer oversight.
  • In the campaign, the PLA special forces soldiers uses the same body model as the PLA Recon, same legs model as the PLA Assault and same head model with the PLA Engineer. The soldier model is also seen in Tashgar but used by RGF instead.
    • This also happens on other PLA units in the campaign, causing the PLA units in the campaign looks very different (More exactly, looks much more like RGF units) from the units in Multiplayer. This also caused the PLA infantry and anti-tank units in the campaign each carry two pistols.
    • This model in particular wears SURPAT camouflage pants, which is likely a holdover from Battlefield 3.