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A jet ski in real life

The Personal Water Craft (PWC) also known as a jet ski is a high-speed boat designed to transport two people into enemy territory in a stealthy manner. The PWC is unarmed and driver and passenger are extremely vulnerable to attack. However, the passenger in the back can use his primary and secondary weapons along with his grenades. What it lacks in power, it makes up for with speed and efficiency.

Battlefield 2: Special Forces

The Jet Ski appears in several waterfront maps in Battlefield 2: Special Forces. It can host only a driver that is completely vulnerable and defenseless. However, the jet ski is very fast, but has almost no armor, and can be quickly destroyed by continuous small arms fire. It is more frequently used when speed and stealth is more important than the quantity of attackers.

Battlefield: Bad Company 2

The Personal Watercraft appears in Battlefield: Bad Company 2 usually in rush mode when assaulting an island is involved. These are most notable on Laguna Presa and Isla Inocentes which require assaulting heavily defended enemy shores, and an island in the latter. The personal watercraft play a vital role in transport and lightening assaults despite being unarmed and vulnerable to small arms fire. It is advisable to follow a larger patrol boat when using a personal watercraft to break through enemy defenses and divert fire.


  • When driving the Personal Watercraft, the hands of the player are not visible on the handlebars.
  • Kills made from the back seat of the PWC will count as naval kills.
  • One can destroy the PWC with regular weapons, due to its low health and lack of armor.