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An example of a PDW (MP7)

A Personal Defense Weapon (PDW) is a compact semi-automatic or fully automatic firearm that is, in most respects, a subclassification of Submachine Guns (SMGs). They fire similar ammunition (often proprietary) to rifle rounds, giving them better range, accuracy and armor-penetrating capabilities. The class of weapon as it exists today evolved as a hybrid between a SMG and a Carbine, retaining the compact size and ammunition capacity of the former while adding the ammunition power, accuracy and penetration of the latter.

They typically have the lowest hip-fire spread and reload faster than other weapons and also offer users many slots for customization to better fit both circumstances and preference.

Battlefield 3[]

Battlefield 4[]

Personal Defense Weapons in Battlefield 4 replace carbines as the main weapons for the Engineer kit. Carbines in turn have become all-kit weapons.

Battlefield 2042[]