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The Phantom Program is the title used for a covert, multinational unit of elite soldiers in the Battlefield universe that was active during the War of 2020 for unknown purposes. While the force had no apparent role in the outcome of events in the war, they were known to have been active by the time of the United States' Invasion of Mainland China.

In the real world, the Phantom Program is an Alternate reality game that DICE Stockholm and DICE LA created and continually expanded on throughout the course of Battlefield 4's supported lifetime. The ARG was facilitated through special Phantom assignments that were added to the game with each expansion and had their requirements initially hidden, and were only unlocked through the efforts of the community to solve various puzzles both in the real world and in-game.

In-Universe Overview[]

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While specific details of the nature of Phantom Program and it's purpose are mostly uncertain, it is known to have been made up of specially selected soldiers from the military forces of the United States, Russian Federation, People's Republic of China, and later the Pan-Asian Coalition. Agents in the program are known to have special skull-patterned camouflages for their uniforms and weapons, and trained to use the Phantom compound bow in combat.

The Program's selection process for units consists of four "phases": Prospects, Trainees, Initiates, and Operatives. In order to access each phase, members of the Phantom Program had to access a special login system and enter specific codes to activate each phase, excluding Phase 4, which has a "Physical access restriction" and requires the agent to physically make their way to one of the Program's bases to continue.

Two confirmed bases of operation for the Program are known, one located in a secret military hangar operated by the PAC in Siberia, and the other located in the Harau Valley of Indonesia. Particularly, the Siberian facility is where soldiers who had arrived at Phase 4 of the Program's selection process were activated as Phantom Operatives and given the Phantom bow for later use.

Real World Overview[]

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