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The 2017 Ford Raptor Pick-Up Truck

A pickup truck is a light duty truck having an enclosed cab and an open cargo area with low sides and tailgate. Once a work tool with few creature comforts, in the 1950s consumers began purchasing pickups for lifestyle reasons and by the 1990s less than 15 per cent of owners reported use in work as the pickup truck's primary purpose. Today in North America the pickup is now mostly used like a passenger car, and the Ford F-150 pickup has been the best-selling vehicle in the United States since 1982.[1]

Battlefield 2: Modern Combat[edit | edit source]

The Pickup Truck is a neutral light vehicle featured in Battlefield 2: Modern Combat on the multiplayer map Backstab. Unlike the Technical in Battlefield 2: Special Forces, the Pickup Truck in Battlefield 2: Modern Combat is unarmed. It also holds only two players, a driver and a passenger. The passenger is allowed to use whatever weapons they have in in their kit, however, as they stand behind the driver in the truck's bed.

The vehicle is useful as a hit-and run vehicle as an Engineer or Support soldier can use their weapons to great effect against infantry or vehicles while on the back. However, the vehicle is also susceptible to damage from small and heavy arms, and can easily be taken out with a single rocket or tank shell. Drivers will want to avoid heavy armor at all costs, unless the armor has not seen them.

Battlefield Hardline[edit | edit source]

Pick-Up Trucks are a vehicle class featured in Battlefield Hardline's multiplayer, available in the Criminal Activity, Robbery, and Blackout expansions. A neutral civilian truck appears in Criminal Activity, while two customizable faction-specific trucks appear in Robbery and Blackout.

Civilian[edit | edit source]

The Pickup Truck (alternatively named as the Pick-Up Truck in certain menus and assignment descriptions) is a vehicle introduced in Battlefield Hardline: Criminal Activity on the map Backwoods. The vehicle can house a total of five players, with two players in the enclosed cab, two players inside the bed of the truck, and one player behind the tailgate of the truck. Each seat is critical to the vehicle's survival as every player essential covers each side of the truck. The passengers in the low sides of the truck bed are additionally able to aim weapons around the entire vehicle.[2] As a civilian vehicle, the Pick-Up Truck may not be customized or given any additional bonuses. While typically white in color, an orange variant of the truck is used in Hotwire.

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Faction-specific[edit | edit source]

"Passenger vehicle that can hold up to five agents. The front passenger can move up and sit against the door to have a much improved attack angle. Three agents can stand up in the truck bed."

— In-game description

The Police Truck and Heavy Duty Truck are vehicles introduced in Battlefield Hardline: Robbery, used by Law Enforcement and Criminals as their respective pickup trucks. They appear on Precinct 7, Break Pointe, and The Docks, as well as the Blackout map Night Woods. The two handle identically and differ visually from each other, with the Heavy Duty Truck being a modified version of the Ursa truck from Criminal Activity with a roll-cage and the Police truck being a black Ursa truck with lights, sirens, and an enlarged bumper.

The trucks function as heavier transport vehicles useful for ferrying players across the map. The vehicles hold five players, one driver and four passengers, one in the passenger seat and three in the truck bed. The trucks posses no weaponry, but all passengers are able to shoot from the vehicle, with those in the truck bed able to shoot in all directions and over the top of truck. However, the vehicles are not armored and the players in the truck bed are very exposed, so it's advisable to stay in motion with the trucks and for passengers to immediately vacate the vehicle upon reaching the destination.

Unlike the civilian truck, the Police Truck and Heavy Duty Truck are faction-specific and have their own vehicle class, so they can be customized with Countermeasures, vehicle upgrades, and Paint. Smokescreen can be used to unspot the vehicle and lose pursuers, while the Fire Extinguisher will allow the vehicle to quickly repair itself after being disabled. Maintenance will speed up the self-repair process, Counter Surveillance will reduce the time the vehicle remains spotted by enemies, and a Reinforced Chassis will allow it to take more damage before being destroyed.

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Battlefield V[edit | edit source]

"The Pickup Truck is slow, sturdy, and able to tackle most terrain types. The passengers in the back should expect a bumpy ride, however."

— In-game description

The Pickup Truck is a vehicle featured in Battlefield V. It is currently available only in Firestorm, where it is spawned randomly throughout the map. It can transport four players.

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Battlefield 2: Modern Combat[edit | edit source]

  • The Pickup Truck appears to be based on a second-generation Ford Ranger

Battlefield Hardline[edit | edit source]

  • The Pickup Truck seen in Battlefield Hardline is developed by the fictional car company of Ursa, featuring many similarities to many modern trucks available.

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