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Pieper M1893 is a Codex Entry featured in Battlefield 1. It is unlocked upon obtaining 5 kills with the Pieper M1893.


Pieper M1893 Codex Entry

The Belgian Pieper company developed revolving carbines in the late 19th century, using the same kind of mechanism of the famous Nagant revolvers. When firing, the revolver cylinder would cam forward over a short conical seat on the rear of the barrel, forming a gas-tight seal.

The biggest buyer of the Pieper M1893 Revolving Carbines was the Mexican government, which ordered them in the late 1890s to equip their mounted police - the Rurales. The Rurales had previously used lever-action rifles, while a revolving carbine could be more easily used with one hand when necessary.

The Pieper M1893 was a double-action revolver system with a 9-shot cylinder chambered for proprietary 8x50 mm rimmed Pieper cartridges. They had an exposed hammer for manual cocking and the cylinder could be swung out to the right for loading. These weapons seem to have performed well, but it was probably their proprietary ammunition that led them to being swapped out for other weapons.

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