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For the similar award in the Battlefield Series, see Ribbons

Pins are awards featured in Battlefield 2142. They are awarded for actions during a round and award less experience than Ribbons, but are less specific and easier to obtain. Certain Pins are required to obtain specific Badges, (i.e. A Distinguished Combat Efficiency Pin is required to obtain the Infantry Combat Medal.)


Image Name Requirements Points Awarded
2142 combateff Combat Efficiency Pin 5 Kill Streak 5
2142 distcombateff Distinguished Combat Efficiency Pin 10 Kill Streak 10
2142 problemsolver Problem Solver Pin Destroy 4 Titan Consoles 20
2142 titandestructor Titan Destructor Pin Destroy 4 Titan Guns 20
2142 trooptransporter Troop Transporter Pin 10 Titan Air Drops 20
2142 titandeffender Titan Defender Pin 7 Titan Defend Score 20
2142 infiltrator Infiltrator Pin 5 Headshots with a Sniper Rifle 10
2142 wheelsofhazard Wheels Of Hazard Pin 5 Road Kills 5
2142 collectors Collectors Pin 8 Dog Tags 20
2142 explosiveeff Explosive Efficiency Pin 8 Kills with Explosives 10
2142 emergencyrescue Emergency Rescue Pin Preform 8 Revives 5
2142 titansurvival Titan Survival Pin Survive the Titan Assault 10
2142 firearmeff Firearm Efficiency Pin 4 Kills with Handguns 5
2142 clearskies Clear Skies Pin 10 Kills with Air Defense 10
2142 closecombat Close Combat Pin 10 Kills with Shotguns 10
2142 assaultlines Assault Lines Attack Pin* Capture the PAC home base in Assault Lines 10

*Requires Northen Strike expansion.


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