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Battlefield 2042[]

The Plus System is a form of Customization featured in Battlefield 2042, and was first shown in the Battlefield 2042 Official Gameplay Trailer. The Plus System allows players to change weapon attachments while on field, something only previously possible to some degree in the Firestorm gamemode of Battlefield V.

Similar to the Commo Rose used for voice responses, the Plus System provides a submenu of attachments the player may use with their weapon:

  • ▲ Top rail attachments include iron sights and optics
  • ◀ Barrel attachments include suppressors, compensators, and muzzle brakes
  • ▶ Ammo attachments include extended magazines and alternate ammo types
  • ▼ Underbarrel attachments include grips and grenade launchers

Tips on advantages are shown for each attachment. The attachments are applied as soon as the player exits the Plus System. Some weapons have a limited variety of attachments—for example, the PP-29 cannot mount underbarrel attachments.

The first (closest to center) attachment on each branch is the default attachment used on deployment. Changing to a different attachment while in field will be preserved across spawns on the same server, as will the weapon's current fire mode.

With button layouts saturated on console controllers, certain commands are now performed as modifiers while aiming down sight:

Aim + Toggle underbarrel
Change fire mode
Aim + Melee attack
Toggle zoom level

Unlocking ammunition allows soldiers to carry multiple magazine sizes, ammunition that is counted separately between the magazine/ammo types. For instance, a player may be able to work around a shortage of ammo belts by switching to box magazines for their LMG, or switch to Hi-power rounds instead of armor-piercing rounds for the M44.