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Poison Arrows are fictional trick arrows featured in Battlefield 4. Poison Arrows have a speciality arrowhead that detaches and detonates on impact, producing a cloud of Poisonous gas.

Battlefield 4[]

"An arrowhead that detonates on impact, releasing a poisonous cloud onto nearby soldiers."

— In-game description

The Poison Arrow is an arrow type released with the Battlefield 4: Community Operations expansion. It was originally developed and tested on the Community Test Environment on the August 22, 2015 update for Operation Outbreak alongside the Incendiary Arrow, which was later cut.

The poison arrow is unique among the arrow types in that it does no direct damage and fires a projectile similar to a 40mm LVG. Upon coming into contact with any surface, be it a player or the map, the arrow head will bounce and then explode into a cloud of poisonous gas that persists for three seconds. The explosions has a five-meter radius and does a maximum damage of 21 at its center and a minimum of 1 at five meters. Despite this, any enemy players within the radius of the explosion will be exposed to the gas and take residual damage over seven seconds unless healed by a Medkit, capping out at 27 damage from the gas alone. Exposure to the gas is unable to directly kill a player, however, and will only lower their health down to 2.

Because it cannot kill in one hit and lacks any direct damage, the poison arrow functions in more of a utility role like the Explosive Tipped Arrow, being effective at harassing and damaging groups of enemies, as well as area denial with the gas cloud. It is ineffective at killing enemies on its own, any players equipping it should also run a reliable sidearm to use when encountering enemies up close.



  • Despite wearing a Gas Mask on his character model, the PLA Engineer is still affected by the poison cloud produced by the arrow.