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Postcards are awards featured in Battlefield 1943. Similar to Medals, they are obtained by completing specific tasks and award additional experience to players. Unlike Stamps, Postcards can only be awarded once.


Image Name Requirements
Pacific Campaign Postcard Pacific Campaign Win twice on every map as any team.
Tour Of Duty 1 Postcard Tour of Duty I Play 50 rounds.
Tour Of Duty 2 Postcard Tour of Duty II Play 130 rounds.
The Best Postcard The Best Get the highest score in a round.
Truly Elite Postcard Truly Elite Get 10,000 kills.
Melee Man Postcard Melee Man Get 20 melee kills.
Master Of Your Domain Postcard Master of Your Domain Get 17 kills playing as each class.
Master Blaster Postcard Master Blaster Kill 50 enemies with grenades, rifle grenades or explosives.
Rifleman Postcard Rifleman Kill 50 enemies with a semi-automatic rifle.
Infantryman Postcard Infantryman Kill 50 enemies with a submachine gun.
Sniper Postcard Sniper! Kill 50 enemies with a scoped rifle.
Motorman Postcard Motorman Get 25 kills with car, tank and plane.
Parachutist Postcard Parachutist Use the parachute 4 times.
Milkrun Postcard Milkrun Fly a plane for 20 minutes.
Bomb Run Postcard Bomb Run Launch an air raid killing at least 1 enemy.
Wheelman Postcard Wheelman Get 50 kills with car, tank, boat and plane.
Fighter Ace Postcard Fighter Ace Get 50 kills with planes.
Defender Postcard Defender Defend 20 flags.
Attacker Postcard Attacker Capture 30 flags.
Veteran Postcard Veteran Capture 50 flags.
Lifer Postcard Lifer Reach the top rank.
Squad Assister Postcard Squad Assister Get 100 squad assists.
Squad Avenger Postcard Squad Avenger Avenge 100 squad members.
Best Squad Postcard Best Squad Be in the best squad 3 times on each map.


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