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A MIKI potato grip in reality.

A Potato Grip is an enlarged grip for mounting on a weapon's bottom attachment rail. One notable model is produced by FAB-Defense of Israel, featuring ribbing to assist with countering recoil and preventing the user's grip hand from heating up, therefore preventing "barrel burn", and an inner mount to insert a tactical flashlight, or possibly a laser sight.

Battlefield 4Edit

"Rounded foregrip named for its obvious visual similarity with the classic spud. Improves accuracy by reducing the automatic fire penalty by 15%. Do not eat."

— Battlelog description

The Potato Grip is a weapon accessory in Battlefield 4. It serves the same purpose as the Stubby Grip, but with an aesthetic difference for those that prefer it over the Stubby Grip

It reduces the spread during automatic fire, making it useful for firing long bursts (such as to suppress enemy combatants), while the Folding and Angled foregrips are more suited for short bursts and semi-automatic fire.


Battlefield 4Edit

  • Humorously, the description states "Do not eat," referring to its clear similarity to the shape of the potato, which clearly shows when it notes that it is "named for its obvious visual similarity with the classic spud," spud being another term for a potato.
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