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"A cold wind blows in from the north, and a lone SWAT sniper clutches his rifle with shivering hands. In that brief instant, he misses a squad of professional thieves dashing across the street, their movements cloaked in darkness and obscured by falling snow. Their target? The one place you’d expect criminals to be breaking out of, not in to: Detroit’s storied Precinct 7, recently shuttered and abandoned by the city."

— Official Description

Precinct 7 is a map featured in the Battlefield Hardline: Robbery expansion. It is set in a run-down neighborhood in Detroit, Michigan on a winter night, and revolves Criminals attempting to break into the recently closed down 7th Precinct and rob whatever is left in its evidence lockup.

Precinct 7 is the largest map in Robbery, and is Hardline's first snow map. The neighborhood around the Precinct has several homes, stores, and warehouses that can be explored, and the Precinct serves as the focal point of the map and the setting for Squad Heist on the map. The building has two floors,a large basement, and the evidence locker, which Criminals have a variety of ways to break into, such as knocking out power by taking out nearby substations or climbing in through the damaged roof with a Grappling Hook. The map has an assortment of vehicles as well, including the new Scout Helicopter and Pick-Up Truck.[1]



  • The official website for Robbery states that Precinct 7 is the first map in the Battlefield series to be both a snow map and set during the nighttime, despite Battlefield 1942's Telemark actually being the first map in the series to be set in such an environment.
  • In the game files this map is named xp2_precinct7.


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