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Preferred Outcomes is a faction featured in Battlefield Hardline.


Headquartered in downtown Miami, Preferred Outcomes is a private security and law enforcement company founded by Julian Dawes. With the help of several corrupt police officers and private military contractors, Dawes' aim was to discredit traditional police agencies, and replace them with his own private company. This would enable him to crack down on drug gangs and wipe out violent criminals without the restrictions of government police work.

Carl Stoddard explains that criminal bosses can pay the company for protection and intelligence from the network of police, protecting them from rival criminals, and giving them an advantage. As the operation also includes border patrol guards, criminal trafficking operations could presumably pay for safe passage of personnel and materials over the US-Mexico border.


As a faction, they are fought against in Independence Day, and you can see some Preferred Outcomes Security Guards in Legacy.


Preferred Outcomes operatives are heavily armed and operate in vehicles that are white and marked with the company name.




  • The name of the company was very likely inspired by Executive Outcomes, the name of a famous real life British-South African private military company.