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HMS Prince of Wales

The HMS Prince of Wales (53) in Singapore.

The King George V-class battleship was a class of British battleships designed in during the 1930s and built during the first half of World War II. They were the most modern British battleships of the era. Five such ships were built and commissioned, the King George V (1940), Prince of Wales (1941), Duke of York (1941), Howe (1942), and Anson (1942). Of the five, only Prince of Wales was sunk along with the battlecrusier HMS Repulse after attacks by Japanese aircraft off Malaya on December 10, 1941.

Battlefield 1942[]

In Battlefield 1942, the PrinceOW is the United States Marine Corps' battleship. It is a huge vessel, though not quite as large as its Axis counterpart, the Yamato. It has four positions: The captain who controls the ship and its frontal cannons, the rear gunner who has the rear guns at their disposal, and two side gunners who have four light, rapid firing domed turrets, which are more effective against aircraft.


The PrinceOW has unrivaled firepower when compared to Aircraft Carriers, Destroyers and Subs. Its frontal guns can sink a destroyer in one shot (if all six shots connect) and subs in a few shots. It has a noticeable arc at long range. Its splash damage is huge thanks to the six shots fired and is arguably best used against infantry on maps like Midway if the enemy team holds a position. Its frontal guns fire six shots at different locations, with good aim, all six shots can connect onto a target.

The secondary position is the rear gunner armed with four 14-inch guns. It works identical to the frontal gun; however, it can fire only 3 shots. Despite this, it still has the same killing power as its frontal guns. This position can also respond to artillery requests called by friendly scouts.

The third and fourth positions are domed anti-aircraft guns that work similar to the stationary AA guns.

It is vulnerable to submarines because it can't detect them.


Battlefield Vietnam[]

The PrinceOW returns in the Battlefield Vietnam World War II Mod as the battleship for the U.S. Marines. It performs identically to the Battlefield 1942 counterpart.