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Propaganda (Korean: 선전) is a map featured in Battlefield 4: Dragon's Teeth. The map is set in Pyongyang, North Korea.


Like the other maps of the Dragon's Teeth expansion, Propaganda has a significant focus on infantry combat. Set in Pyongyang during the winter, the city's tight alleyways and clustered buildings make for a chaotic urban environment. At the same time, the wide street in the middle of the map and the long sightlines it offers allows for a good amount of ranged combat as well as tank usage to take place. Much of the cover on the map is destructible and map is ripe with flanking routes, forcing players to think on their feet to avoid being out-maneuvered. The main Levolution event on the map is the train that passes through on the western railroad, which will kill anyone or anything it hits.


There are five flags in total for Conquest Large, while Conquest features only three. In both modes, four Battle Pickups spawn around the map: a USAS-12, an M32 MGL, and two RAWRs.


Flag of the United States United States Marine Corps
Light vehicle(s)

2 Quad Bikes

Main battle tank(s)

1 M1 Abrams MBT (2 in Conquest Large)

People's Republic of China People's Liberation Army
Light vehicle(s)

2 Quad Bikes

Main battle tank(s)

1 Type 99 MBT (2 in Conquest Large)


US Deployment[]

The US deployment is on the northeast corner of the map, in the alley behind a hotel building and across the street from the Statue, where some sort of evacuation appears to be taking place. Two Quad Bikes spawn on the eastern end of the alley, while two M1 Abrams tanks spawn on the road to the east of the deployment. Two 50. Cal Heavy Machine Gun turrets are set up at the front of the hotel facing toward A, while a M220 TOW Launcher is set up on the western end of the hotel for defense against tanks.

CN Deployment[]

The Chinese base is on the southern edge of the map, in a train yard adjacent to the main boulevard. The moving train passes directly through their spawn. Two Type 99 MBTs and two Quad Bikes spawn on the western end of the deployment in the train yard. Two 50. Cal turrets are stationed at the exit of the train yard. The Apartments are directly to the northeast of the deployment, and the Slums can be accessed by heading north down the train tracks.

In standard Conquest, the Chinese deployment is moved to the street to the east of the Conquest Large base. A single Type 99 spawns at the end of street, and the Quad Bikes spawn in front of the players.

A: Statue[]

The northernmost flag on the map and the nearest to the US deployment, this flag is near the bronze statue monument in the center of a raised plaza surrounded by steps. To the north of the flag are multiple military trucks and sandbags which can used by the Americans for cover while pushing onto the flag. South of the flag is a large square building decorated with a mural that has operable doors allowing infantry to pass from one side of the structure to another. Alleyways provide flanking routes along the eastern and western approaches. To the southeast, on the road between the mural building and the School Yard, an HJ-8 faces north on the main road for vehicle defense. A RAWR Battle Pickup spawns on the east side of the statue.

The layout of the flag in standard Conquest is identical to its Conquest Large counterpart.

B: Academy (Conquest Large)[]

Located west of the Statue across the main road and railroad, the Academy is within a walled compound comprised of two two-story classrooms similar to the Barracks from Zavod 311. Players will have to cross, or use the tunnel under, the tracks to get to the flag from the east, which can be accessed through the main gate, or by vaulting or blasting through the perimeter walls. For a stealthier approach, a secondary gate to the south leads into the base from the Slums, and a second entrance further north of the main gate leads to back of the northern classrooms. Both entrances can be used to sneak into the back of the base. A 50. Cal on the ground floor can provide a base of fire against the main gate, while the northern classrooms can be a useful overwatch position of the entire base. A USAS-12 is located in the southern train car up the eastern slope from the academy. Once commandeered by either faction, a Quad Bike will spawn north of the primary classroom building.

B: Slums (Conquest Small)[]

Commander Resource: Infantry Scan
In standard Conquest, B is moved to the Slums, which is now located in the center of the houses to the south of the Academy. The many buildings provide a great deal of cover to capture or defend the flag from, though it's useful to keep in mind that all of the buildings can be destroyed. The entrances to the Academy and southern Slum areas are the only ways to access the flag without breaking through the wooden fences around the housing area. A USAS-12 spawns to the west of the flag behind a house, while a M32 MGL spawns in a train car to the east of the flag.

C: School Yard[]

Commander Resource: Cruise Missile
The School Yard is similar to the Academy; an open courtyard, with a perimeter of high walls, which has three two story buildings within. The flag itself is contained within a soccer pitch surrounded by wire fences and concrete blocks; the buildings provide a good overwatch position over this area, but the walls are flanked by tight alleyways to the east and west that allow infantry to attack the flag from any side. The western alleyway in particular can see heavy fighting, be wary of enemies flanking around the buildings to the ends of the alley. Like at the Statue, an HJ-8 spawns to the northeast on the main road of the map to deal with attacking vehicles. An M32 MGL is located behind the eastern two-story building, at the end of the alleyway.

The flag remains unchanged in Conquest Small, the only exception being a RAWR replacing the M32 in the eastern alley.

D: Slums (Conquest Large)[]

Commander Resource: Infantry Scan
The Slums are located to the south of the Academy, on the same side of the railway line. The flag is near a two-story building on the southwest corner of the map. The base can be quickly accessed by the Chinese by heading directly down the railway that their vehicles spawn on at their deployment. The area to the north of the flag is a maze of small houses, with bushes, wooden fences and lowered elevation obscuring sight lines. The railroad and houses with a second floor provided a decent vantage point, but the area offers much in the way of concealment. The M320 and the Engineer's AT launchers can be utilized here to destroy cover and force enemies out of hiding. The main entrances to the base are through the houses to the north and the railroad and tunnel to the east. A flanking route to the west of the houses can be used by attackers to sneak into the base. A Quad Bike spawns to the southwest of the flag once under the control of either faction.

E: Apartments (Conquest Large)[]

The Apartments are directly across the main road from the Chinese deployment. The flag itself is positioned in a small square behind an apartment building, which the mural-adorned interior provides a route to the School Yard. An HJ-8 faces the main road for defense against the few tanks on this map. Flanking routes to the east and west can used to make it to the flag from the north as opposed to going through the apartment lobby. Due to its very close proximity to their deployment, the PLA forces should attempt to keep this base under control, as losing it can make it very difficult to get to any of the objectives on the eastern side of the map as well as getting any vehicles safely out of the deployment. A RAWR is located inside the apartment building lobby in the northeast corner.

Chain Link[]

Chain Link blocks off the western part of the map where flag B and D are in conquest, and adds multiple new flags. No vehicles spawn in this mode.


The deployments remain relatively unchanged from Conquest; the Americans still spawn in the alleyway behind the hotel, but they now spawn closer to the entrances of the west lobbies. The Chinese spawn is closer to the hotel lobby near their Conquest deployment, and the railroad is no longer a part of the base. Both deployments have multiple 50. Cal turrets set up to deter attackers.


A: Monument[]



The Monument is the closest flag to the US deployment, and is set in the middle of the Monument to Party Founding. Multiple cement walls and stacks of sandbags surround the monument and can be used for cover while defending the flag, though these will eventually be withered down by continued gunfire. The monument itself can provide decent cover while capturing it, though the middle of the monument is fairly exposed. This flag is only linked to B.

B: Statue[]



The Statue is in the same location as its counterpart in Conquest, although in Chainlink the flag is moved to a more exposed position to the west. The flag has very little cover here, with only one set of cement barriers blocking the northern approach. Capturing the flag quickly is advisable to avoid exposing the player for too long, and the crates and sandbags around the monument can be used to defend the flag. This flag is linked to A and C.

C: Cross Street[]


Cross Street

The Cross Street flag is on the northern side of the street between B and D. While the flag itself is fairly exposed, the areas around provide ample cover in the form of the planters to the north and the bus to the south. The southern side of the mural building at B can also provide a good vantage point of the flag for the Americans, with multiple crates and planters that can be used for cover. The flag is linked to B and D.

D: Field[]



The Field is located near the northwestern edge of the soccer pitch, and is generally where the two factions will first come into conflict. Like most of the other bases, the flag is in a well exposed clearing, while a lot of cover is available around it. The command truck to west of the flag can be a useful position to defend from, but both sides of the truck have an entrance, which can make it difficult to hold. There is an exit from the western alley that can be used to flank to the northern side of the flag, so keeping an eye on the alleyway is advisable to avoid losing the it. The flag is linked to C and E.

E: School[]



The School is located opposite of the Field at the southeast corner of the soccer pitch. The two two-story buildings offer ample cover for defending the flag, and it can be captured from the balcony of the east building if one wants to remain hidden. These buildings also offer an effective vantage point of both E and D, which can make maintaining the two a little easier. The flag can be flanked by using the alleyway behind the eastern building. It is linked to D and F.

F: Apartment[]



The Apartment is located in the lobby of the apartment building near the Chinese deployment. The space for the flag is incredibly small and the only cover available is the few boxes strewn around the lobby and the opposite sides of the wall in the middle. If a conflict does take place here, flanking around the outside of the building is usually a more viable option than rushing in directly. A 50. Cal turret is set up outside the Apartment where the HJ-8 is set up in Conquest. This flag is linked to E and G.

G: Back Street[]


Back Street

The Back Street flag is the closest base to the Chinese deployment, and is in the middle of the street between the hotel and the apartments. The only cover on the flag is the bus next to it, the interior of which can only be accessed from the north. The cement barriers near the hotel can be used by the Chinese if they're in a pinch and need to get the flag back from their deployment. Unlike the other flags a 50. Cal turret is set up right next to the flag and can be used to fend off attackers from the east, though it can be easily flanked from the west. This flag is only linked to F.


Rush on Propaganda sees the USMC attacking objectives protected by the PLA. There are no vehicles for either team on this map.

Stage 1[]

The initial engagement is concentrated around the statue square (flag A in Conquest), with the USMC advancing from the north. The first objectives is directly next to the statue base, at the top of the steps south of the mural building. The second is in an alley to the east, linking the plaza to the main boulevard.

Stage 2[]

The second stage of the battle is within the school compound (flag C in Conquest), across a road to the south of the first line of M-COMs. In this stage, both objectives are positioned on the ground floor of two multi-story buildings, lying opposite to each other on different sides of the courtyard - M-COM A is in the eastern building, and M-COM B is in the western building.

Stage 3[]

The third and final stage takes place further south of the compound, around two rows of tenements (flag E in Conquest Large). The first is in the lobby of one of the apartment buildings in the southern-most row, accessible through an alley on the north side or a sidewalk on the south side. The second and last objective is standing against a bus stopped at the intersection to the southwest. The Chinese spawn point for this wave is very close to this objective - in the hotel on the south side of the crossroads.


In Obliteration, the US deployment is near Flag A in conquest, while the Chinese deployment is located on Flag E. Both teams start with two Quad Bikes. A parachute spawn in available, landing players on each team on their defensive objectives, but the altitude from which this happens is very low (below the roofs of most buildings), preventing much maneuvering when in the air.

Capture the Flag[]

Capture the Flag takes place in the same area as Obliteration, which each team's flag pedestal being a short distance from their individual spawn points and vehicles, which are also identical to Obliteration.


Domination takes place on the western side of the map, between where conquest flags B and D are.

A: Academy[]

Flag A is within the walled academy compound. While the small capture means this flag must be taken from the outside, the buildings to the west and north can provide decent firing positions against enemies attacking from the southern slums or the eastern train tracks.

B: Monument[]

Flag B is found the on street level of the main boulevard, next to the Juche Tower and on the eastern side of the railway. Concrete cube barricades, as well as green metal accoutrements, form the majority of cover in the relatively exposed roadway.

C: Slums[]

Flag C is found in the middle of the slums area, with stone shacks on each side. The structures and debris piles near the flag offer some protection for players, with the capture zone extending to the interior of some of the houses.

Team Deathmatch[]

Team Deathmatch's map boundaries are the same as in Domination.

Squad Deathmatch[]

Squad Deathmatch is within the same area as Domination and Team Deathmatch.


Defuse takes place within a small section of the east side of the map located between flags C and E in Conquest Large. The USMC spawn with the bomb on a roadway north of the School Yard, while the PLA spawn on the southern side of a number of tenements near flag E's position. Both objectives are found near the school yard area - one is near a multi-story school building on the eastern edge of the yard area, while another is in an alley outside a block of flats south of the compound.



The Train passing through the map

  • As mentioned above, occasionally a train will enter the map from the north on the railroad tracks on the western edge of the map, sounding its horn when it does so. It travels south (into the PLA base in Conquest Large) on the eastern-most track, and will instantly kill anything in its path. Even if one isn't directly hit by the train, standing too close to it while it is moving will damage players, eventually killing them if they don't move away. The Tanker Cars on the train moving by can be blown up by any explosive ordnance. Caution should be used and a player should look both ways before crossing.
  • The doors on the stationary train cars on the westernmost track can be opened and closed, like the train cars present on Zavod 311. In Conquest, a M32 MGL will spawn in one of these cars, (or a USAS-12 in Conquest Large).
  • Much of the cover on this map is affected by destruction; all of the buildings in the Slums area can be toppled, along with the school buildings at the Academy and School Yard. All of the cement barriers and walls can be destroyed as well, either with explosives or withered away with gunfire.




  • Several of Pyongyang's famous landmarks can be seen on the map, such as Juche Tower, Monument to Party Founding, and Ryugyong Hotel. The statue on the A flag itself is a reference to the Mansudae Grand Monuments.
  • There are several propaganda posters and speakers located throughout the map (hence the name).
  • Originally, Propaganda's train was to derail and collapse the Juche tower at some point for its Levolution event. This was later dropped due to memory constraints when the map was actually being made.[1]
  • In the game files this map is named XP3_Propaganda.
  • With enough explosives such as C4 packs or land mines, players can launch Quad Bikes up onto various rooftops. Because players were not meant to see outside of the map, getting up to some of these roofs reveals large holes in the terrain, billboard textures and very low-resolution textures.