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"This map is based in occupied France and takes place in 1943. Despite the Axis stranglehold on the area, resistance is steadily growing stronger with the help of Allied RAF commando operations deep behind enemy lines. The narrow, cobblestoned streets once filled with life and laughter are now a charnel house echoing with gunfire, shouted orders, and the cries of the wounded and dying."

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Provence is a map in Battlefield V set to be introduced in August 2019 within the fourth chapter of Tides of War, Defying the Odds.

The map is set in a small town in the southern French region of Provence, inland from the Côte d'Azur. Following the armistice in 1940, Provence became a part of Vichy France with Germany controlling the remainder of the French mainland. After a strained existence, it was formally absorbed as an Axis puppet state due to the German occupation of November 1942 in response to Allied gains in North Africa and the Mediterranean. The map is set in 1943 and the eventually liberation of the region as a result of the Franco-American amphibious landings of Operation Dragoon in August 1944. During the battle, British forces attempted to wrest control of the town away from its occupiers.[1]


In a similar vein to other maps set to be released as part of Defying the Odds, Provence takes place in a small scale urban environment that predominately lends itself to close-quarters infantry combat.

Squad Conquest


German Deployment

British Deployment


A: Church Courtyard

B: Riverside Manor

C: Anti-Air Plaza

Team Deathmatch




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