"This variant is equipped with armor piercing shells, and anti-tank and incendiary grenades making it effective in the tank destroyer role."

— In-game description

Functioning as the "Anti-Vehicle" loadout, the Armored Anti-Tank Package is the 2nd choice for the Assault Truck.

Armor Piercing shells when compared to HE Shells have higher damage output than HE shells, enabling it to two shot lighter vehicles (FT-17, Artillery Truck and other Assault Trucks) with the right angle and one shotting transports. However they have a low splash damage, requiring two-three shots against infantrys unless direct impact is achieve. Though with the secondary MG, this makes fighting infantry more forgiving.

The Secondary HMG is available to the driver. Functioning like Seat 2/3 HMGs, require 4-6 shots to kill depending on the range, gives the driver a tad bit more flexibility when attacking/defending oneself. Its usage can range from killing enemies from far distances, suppressing or finishing off wounded enemies that the main gun didn't kill them outright. It also enables the user to defend themselves if out of primary ammo. Like all HMGs, the gun will overheat after long periods of fire. Note that turning the max angle on the left side will not allow the MG to fire.

Seat 2 (situated on the left side of the vehicle) and 3 (situated on the left side of the vehicle) have access to HMGs and serve as passengers. Serving mostly to harass/eliminate enemy infantry and damage light vehicles/planes, they have a better angle firing towards the frontal area than the driver's main gun. Both seats have access to Incendiary Grenades that can be thrown a limited distance in case an enemy is behind cover or close to the vehicle/or at close range.

Its abilities are:

  • Anti-Tank Grenade: Player throws an Assault Anti-Tank Grenade. While it can be used against infantry/vehicles close up, the user should rarely go out of his/her way to use it a lot due the Assault Trucks low health
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