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"Let's begin, please."

— Boris

Pyotr "Boris" Guskovsky (Russian: Петр Гуськовский) is a specialist featured in Battlefield 2042.


Born in Omsk, Russia, Boris rose from a hard life of physical labor and military disappointment to become a wealthy, global arms dealer. He later became a No-Pat when he had to go on the run because of a business deal gone bad. This caused him to develop the belief that the world is unfair so you must look out for yourself.

With his background as an arms dealer, Boris joined the Exodus Task Force as its weapons expert and is very experienced when it comes to defensive tactics. Despite this his true attachment to the team is suspect but he is trusted to get the job done, nevertheless, albeit with maximum collateral damage. He seeks to acquire power and control in a chaotic world. While his leadership skills may be a bit aggressive to some, there is no denying his skills in the field.

Boris is described as brash, cocky, self-motivated, and self-fulfilling. He is demanding and pushy because he knows that he is always right.[1]


SG-36 Sentry System Icon.png
"Automatically spots and engages enemy targets detected within a certain area."

Website description

Boris' specialty is the SG-36 Sentry Gun. Functioning in a manner reminiscent of Battlefield 2142's A12 Enforcer Sentry Gun, it has considerable comparable to the Ranger drone. If the player is downed, the sentry will disappear. The sentry can also be destroyed by enemy action, though it appears to have much more health than infantry. If it is destroyed, it can be redeployed after a short cooldown period.


Sentry Operator Icon.png
"Spots the enemy target when the sentry gun locks on to the enemy in question."

Website description

The Sentry Gun will mark targets with Boris' Sentry Operator trait. The SG-36 can occasionally spot targets not immediately visible to the player, such as enemies hiding in foliage, peeking around cover, or at long distances. Its scanning area appears to be constrained to a 90° sector in front of the system, but may turn beyond this to continue engaging a target.


Image Name Criteria Achievement Points Trophy Type
B gun's dry Trophy.png B gun's dry Inflict 2,500 damage in one round while defending objectives using Boris' SG-36 Sentry Gun 15G Bronze Trophy.png



Battlefield 2042 Pyotr Boris Guskovsky Specialist Guskovsky.png Specialist Guskovsky
Battlefield 2042 Pyotr Boris Guskovsky Mamba.png Mamba
Battlefield 2042 Pyotr Boris Guskovsky Hexmesh Triweave.png Hexmesh Triweave
Boris Mastery 1 (T5)
Battlefield 2042 Pyotr Boris Guskovsky Night Operations.png Night Operations
5 kills and assists as Boris
Battlefield 2042 Pyotr Boris Guskovsky Navalized.png Navalized
Level 46
Battlefield 2042 Pyotr Boris Guskovsky BF2042 Dev.jpeg BF2042 Dev
Exclusive to Developers
Battlefield 2042 Pyotr Boris Guskovsky True Champion.jpeg True Champion
Battlefield 2042 Pyotr Boris Guskovsky Gator.png Gator
Boris Mastery 4 (T5)
Battlefield 2042 Pyotr Boris Guskovsky Tier 1.png Tier 1
Boris Mastery 40 (T1)
Battlefield 2042 Pyotr Boris Guskovsky Serebro Centurion.png Serebro Centurion
Level 77
Battlefield 2042 Pyotr Boris Guskovsky Night Hornet.png Night Hornet
Zero Hour Premium Battle Pass Tier 71
Battlefield 2042 Pyotr Boris Guskovsky Controlled Burn.png Controlled Burn
Free ("Thank You for Playing Season 1: Zero Hour")
BFC (Endangered I Bundle)
Battlefield 2042 Pyotr Boris Guskovsky Father Winter.jpeg Father Winter


Player Cards[]


  • Boris' Gator skin was originally known as "Little Green Man". This was changed in Update 1 due to name unintentionally referencing to in real life conflict.[2][3]
  • Boris' achievement, "B gun's dry", is a reference to the Director's Cut of Aliens, where the cast nervously watches the rapidly falling ammo count of their sentry guns against a Xenomorph attack in the tunnels.