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The PzF 44 2A1 (also known as Leichte Panzerfaust, or Panzerfaust 2) is a recoilless anti-tank weapon. It was originally developed around 1960 and put into service by the Bundeswehr in 1963 before being replaced by the Panzerfaust 3 in 1992. It was the first German antitank rocket developed after World War II and had many similarities with the Panzerfaust.[1]

Battlefield Heroes[]

Several variants of the PzF 44 are featured in Battlefield Heroes for the Gunner kit of the National Army.

Faust's Panzerfist[]

"Long range anti-vehicle weapon that’s a blast!"

— Faust's Panzerfist in-game Description

"Same as the original Faust's Panzerfist with a fresh new look!"

— Stylish Faust's Panzerfist in-game Description

The Faust's Panzerfist is the standard rocket launcher available for the National Army. Its counterpart is the Tank Buster for the Royal Army.

The Stylish version of the launcher is a reskin and functions in the same manner as the original. The upgraded version of it is Faust's Uber Panzerfist.


Drake's Fire[]

"Fires a large cannonball with a big bang. Don't forget to make tactical use of the cannonball's bounce property"

— In-game description

Drake's Fire was introduced to the in the Heroes of the Rising Sun bundle on November 21, 2011. Its counterpart is Dragon's Fire for the National Army. The Crimson version of the launcher was awarded to any player to obtained 400 kills with Dragon's Fire before November 30, 2012.

Unlike other rocket launchers, munitions fired from Drake's Fire bounce off surfaces. Additionally, two munitions may be fired from the launcher before reloading. This makes the weapon more anti-infantry oriented due to the difficulty of gaining successful hits against enemy vehicles.


Doom Skull[]

"Spooky long range anti-vehicle weapon that's a blast!"

— In-game Description

Doom Skull was introduced with the Halloween 2012 bundle. Its counterpart is the Jack-o'-buster for the Royal Army. It functions in a similar manner to the normal Tank Buster.

Aside from purchasing it, it could be unlocked permanently by obtaining 300 kills with the rented version of the launcher.


The Claus Launcher[]

"Start a snowball fight! Chill down your opponents with this fast-firing snowball launcher."

— In-game Description

The Claus Launcher was introduced in the Christmas 2014 bundle. Its counterpart is the Frosty the Snowgun for the Royal Army.

The launcher fires snowballs that deal a moderate amount of damage. The snowballs have the added effect of slowing the speed of enemy players down for two seconds for every hit. It does not, however, cancel out the Leg It or Elixir Abilities.