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QBS-09 shotgun in reality.

The QBS-09 is a semi-automatic, 12 Gauge, gas piston-operated Chinese shotgun manufactured by Norinco. It was adopted by the PLA and the PAP (People's Armed Police) in 2009 as a standard combat-shotgun.

Battlefield 4[]

The QBS-09 is a semi-automatic shotgun appearing in Battlefield 4.


The QBS-09 is the collectible weapon on the mission Shanghai. It can be found in the side room when the first enemy is seen in the sky-bar. It is in between a pile of boxes and an open locker. It is equipped with an HD-33 and a Flash Light. It sports an Atomic Urban finish.


The QBS-09 is unlocked after obtaining 16,000 points while playing as the Support kit. Once unlocked it is the first "official" starting shotgun, not including the Assault's M26 MASS and the Shorty 12G Sidearm.

The QBS-09 is the most powerful of the semi-automatic shotguns where it's power is balanced by its small magazine size of 6 rounds and its high damage drop-off past 30 meters. It has the highest rate of fire out of all the shotguns in Battlefield 4, surpassing that of even the M1014.

The QBS-09 shoots 11 pellets on both Buckshot and Flechette, with each Buckshot pellet doing 15.4 damage within 20 meters (169.4) and dropping to 5.4 damage per pellet past 30 meters (59.4). Flechette ammunition inflicts 11 damage at 20 meters (121) and 7.4 past 50 meters (81.4).

Additionally, Frag ammunition inflicts 20 damage per shot at 10 meters which falls to only 5 past 40 meters. Slug ammunition inflicts 75 damage at 10 meters which falls to 38 damage at 50 meters.

The QBS-09 unlocks the Chinese attachments; Russian and American Attachments can be unlocked through Battlepacks.



  • The Chinese characters on the side of the QBS-09 (中国特种部队) translates to "Chinese Special Forces"; this also appears on the FY-JS and JS2.

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