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A Quick Time Event as seen on Battlefield 3

Quick Time Events (abbreviated as QTEs) are a gameplay feature in the Battlefield Series.


Quick Time Events are scripted actions or events that produce various outcomes depending on the player. They require the player to press prompted buttons that appear on screen; failure to do so will result in either death or a slightly different outcome from that which appears if successful. When playing the mission Comrades, for example, if a player fails the two Quick Time Events in the bank, the script will still move on with Vladimir performing the action instead.

Battlefield 3Edit

QTEs are available in both Singleplayer and Co-op modes of Battlefield 3, usually in close-combat encounters. They involve having players partake in hand-to-hand combat, defusing bombs, movement, and shooting.

Battlefield 4Edit

Quick Time Events are seen throughout Battlefield 4's campaign. They are also seen in multiplayer when performing a Counter-knife attack.


  • DICE had intended to implement QTEs in Battlefield 3 for knife takedowns but this was cut from the final game.
  • There is almost always a musical cue that plays when a QTE can be initiated.
  • There are approximately twenty QTEs in Battlefield 3's campaign.
  • If the player is using a left handed gaming mouse, the way Windows and the driver communicate forces the player to press the opposite mouse button to the one being displayed during the QTE.
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