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The Remington Model 700 is a series of bolt-action rifles manufactured by American company Remington Arms since 1962. The Model 700 was developed into the M24 sniper rifle for the United States Army, as well as the M40 sniper rifle for the United States Marine Corps.

The Model 700 LTR (Light Tactical Rifle) is a modern variant designed for Law Enforcement operators. Its stock is made from aluminum and polymer and is also slimmed down compared to other models. It also features a fluted barrel. These factors significantly reduce weight, allowing for greater mobility.

Battlefield Hardline[]

"The R700 Light Tactical Rifle is a police-issue accurized lightweight sniper rifle for when you really want to reach out and touch someone. This rifle is exceptionally accurate."

— In-game description

The R700 LTR is a sniper rifle featured in Battlefield Hardline.

It is a purchasable rifle for the Law Enforcement Professional. It comes equipped with a Rifle Scope. The rifle boasts high accuracy, requiring little adjustment for longer range targets.

Like other Police-specific weapons, it can be acquired for the Criminal team by purchasing the Weapon License, requiring 1250 kills and $50,000.





  • During the June 2015 beta, the icon of the M40A5 from Battlefield 4 served as a placeholder icon for the R700, although the model in-game was different.