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The Bell 360 Invictus is an experimental American helicopter designed for the United States Army. The vehicle is a proposed helicopter design intended to meet the Army requirement for a Future Attack Reconnaissance Aircraft (FARA).

Battlefield 2042[]

"Advanced reconnaissance attack helicopter. Designed for speed, maneuverability, and devasting low-level CAS. Move in low and fast - and leave before they know they're dead."

— In-game description

The RAH-68 Huron is a vehicle featured in Battlefield 2042, added in Zero Hour season. Players can unlock the vehicle by reaching tier 11 in Battle Pass. Afterwards, players can unlock both types of helicopters simultaneously after completing certain assignments. It is the United States equivalent of YG-99 Hannibal.

The RAH-68 is a fast but fragile and high maneuverability helicopter with its distinctive stealth mode that can be used for evading guided weapons. The vehicle comes with Heavy Machine Gun Pods and Air-to-Ground Missile in normal mode, and HE Bombs in stealth mode for pilot. The gunner has access to Suppressed HMG and EMP Field Grenade to harass ground targets, the latter is an effective means of countering enemy vehicles.

Unique to the RAH-68 Huron and YG-99 Hannibal, when activating their Stealth Mode, the external weapon bays retract, engine noise is dampened, and the vehicle becomes untargetable by the enemy's laser designation and lock-on weapons.

The default primary weapon are Heavy Machine Gun Pods. 30mm Cannon Pods are an available choice that has higher damage but lower velocity, rate of fire and faster heat build up.

The secondary weapon is the Air-to-Ground Missile that requires lock-on before firing. Optional choices are the AIM-9Z IR Missile for fire-and-forget, and Wire-Guided Missile that can be manually guided by pilot.

Players can unlock Missile Countermeasures and Repair System to increase survivability of the vehicle.



Battlefield 2042 RAH-68 Huron Factory Factory
Battlefield 2042 RAH-68 Huron Carbon Series Carbon Series
RAH-68 Huron Mastery 1 (T5)
Battlefield 2042 RAH-68 Huron Iron Vulture Iron Vulture
Zero Hour Premium Battle Pass tier 57
Battlefield 2042 RAH-68 Huron Operation Gemini Operation Gemini
Eleventh Hour Premium Battle Pass tier 12
Battlefield 2042 RAH-68 Huron Rising Waters Rising Waters
Dark Creations Free Battle Pass tier 22
Battlefield 2042 RAH-68 Huron Tier 1 Tier 1
RAH-68 Huron Mastery 40 (T1)
Battlefield 2042 RAH-68 Huron Death Spiral Death Spiral
500 BFC (Vehicle Skin)
1,400 BFC (Articles of War Bundle)
Battlefield 2042 RAH-68 Huron King Vulture King Vulture
500 BFC (Vehicle Skin)
1,000 BFC (Judge & Jury Bundle)
Battlefield 2042 RAH-68 Huron Surgical Steel Surgical Steel
500 BFC (Vehicle Skin)
1,000 BFC (Visceral Bundle)
4,000 BFC (Liquidators Bundle)
Battlefield 2042 RAH-68 Huron Hidden Threat Hidden Threat
500 BFC (Vehicle Skin)
1,750 BFC (Subsurface Bundle)
5,000 BFC (Red Envelope Bundle)
Battlefield 2042 RAH-68 Huron Imperial Imperial
500 BFC (Vehicle Skin)
1,400 BFC (Midnight Sun Bundle)
Battlefield 2042 RAH-68 Huron Cloud Broker Cloud Broker
500 BFC (Vehicle Skin)
1,400 BFC (Deactivated Bundle)
3,000 BFC (Leviathan Rising Bundle)
Battlefield 2042 RAH-68 Huron Dawn Rider Dawn Rider
Battlefield Veteran or completing an assignment
Battlefield 2042 RAH-68 Huron Talon Type-1 Talon Type-1
Earn 80 ribbons in Future Strike playlist
500 BFC (Vehicle Skin)
1,000 BFC (Strike Back Bundle)
3,500 BFC (Joint Task Force 7 Bundle)