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Battlefield Play4FreeEdit

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Battlefield 4Edit

REDUCED FALL is a specialization featured in Battlefield 4. It increases the height a player is able to fall before sustaining fall damage. The specialization will only work at a certain height threshold. For example, a fall from a height similar to a second-story building will cause the player to lose 25% of his health. The specialization will negate the damage. However, it will not negate the damage caused from jumping off a height similar to a third-story building, which will cause to player to lose 50% health.[1]It is part of two Upgrade Paths.

Upgrade PathsEdit

  • Shadow - Third Specialization

Battlefield HardlineEdit

"Your agility allows you to survive falling longer distances than others."

— In-Game Description

REDUCED FALL is a Tier 1 Specialization featured in Battlefield Hardline for the Enforcer and Professional Reputation tracks. Similar to past installments, the specialization allows players to be able to survive higher falls that would typically result in death.