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Rmb-93 2

The RMB-93 in real life.

The RMb-93 is a Russian made pump-action shotgun that has seen little use since its production started in 1993. It, like the NeoStead 2000, has an inverted cycle where a user must push the pump forward then back to cycle in a new shell while the used one falls out under the weapon under its own weight. This shotgun also features the feeding tube tilting upwards, much like the NeoStead, for quicker reloading. An unfortunate design flaw is the folding stock, which folds on top of the feeding tube, meaning it must be put back down to load more shells.

Battlefield 2: Modern CombatEdit

The RMB-93 is featured as the primary weapon of the PLA's Engineer Kit. As a shotgun, it has high stopping power up close, but is less effective at range due to the pellets' spread. The pump animation for the weapon is somewhat long, so pulling off successive shots can be difficult, but the RMB is generally able to kill in one shot up close, so it's advisable to make sure the first shot hits when in close quarters. The RMB works best when used to ambush an unsuspecting enemy in order avoid getting into a gunfight where a weapon with a higher rate of fire will outclass it.

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