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RPK 12

Photoshopped mock-up of the RPK-12

The RPK-12 is a proposed light machine gun variant of the AK-12 assault rifle. It is a modernization of the older RPK-74, and like the AK-12, is fitted with multiple accessory rails and lightweight polymer furniture.

Battlefield 4[]

The RPK-12 is a light machine gun featured in Battlefield 4. It is unlocked upon completion of the Support Expert gold tier assignment.

Much like the U-100 MK5, the RPK-12 is a very stable and accurate support weapon, with a low rate of fire. It has the advantage of a high-capacity 60-round magazine. It is essentially the same as the RPK-74M from Battlefield 3, but with a larger magazine and lower rate of fire.

It has the same rate of fire as the RPK featured the China Rising expansion, with a higher magazine capacity but lower damage, as well as a slightly different recoil behavior.



  • The RPK-12, along with the other **-12 variants, does not have a 500 kill Dog Tag.