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"The RPK is a very efficient squad level light support weapon using small-caliber ammunition. Due to its high rate of fire, the RPK is most accurate when fired from a prone, stationary position."

— In-game description

The RPK-74 is a weapon featured in Battlefield 2 for the Middle Eastern Coalition's Support kit. Like the other light machine guns, it boasts relatively low spread while prone, although its standing and crouching spread are higher than most other classes of weapon, as well as relatively high damage and a longer than average reload cycle.

The RPK-74 also comes in a mounted version on some MEC-related maps, as a standalone weapon, as well on the MEC version of the FAV. Like the mounted M249 and QBB-95, the mounted RPK-74 has a high rate of fire and decent accuracy with virtually no recoil, as well as infinite ammo. It also has no iron sights and is prone to overheating.

In the Special Forces expansion, it is the default weapon (as both the hand-held and stationary weapon) for the MEC Special Forces, Spetsnaz, Rebels and Insurgent Forces and is also mounted on the Pickup Truck.


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