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The Fusil Automatique Modèle 1917 (English: Model 1917 Automatic), or RSC M1917 (RSC standing for its designers, Ribeyrolles, Sutter and Chauchat, who previously designed the Chauchat), is a French semi-automatic infantry rifle. Developed in 1917 and produced until the end of World War I, it went into service with the French Army near the end of the war. The rifle was chambered in the same cartridge as the Lebel Model 1886, with which it shared some parts. With 86,000 rifles manufactured before production ended in 1918, the RSC 1917 was one of the first semi-automatic rifles to be adopted on such a large scale. Very few rifles have survived in full, working condition, making them rare and highly sought-after collectibles.

Battlefield 1Edit

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"A French experimental self-loading rifle, deployed in the later stages of the Great War."

— In-game description

The RSC 1917 is a weapon introduced in the Battlefield 1: They Shall Not Pass expansion for the Medic class.

The RSC 1917 is unique amongst the medic rifles in its ability to kill targets with two shots without a headshot, achieved by hitting the enemy's upper torso from up to 70 meters away, after which it becomes three shot kill unless a headshot is included, similar to most other self-loading rifles. Despite this high damage, headshots deal 90.1 damage maximum, requiring follow up attacks. Otherwise, the weapon has an above average velocity of 720 m/s, with a mediocre reload time comparable to the other clip-loaded rifles.

Its tradeoffs for its exceptional Time-To-Kill, of which it is best in its class from 15-80 meters, is an abysmal rate of fire that is lowest of its class at 179 RPM. This can mean missing shots can significantly increase TTK, and can harm leave the user vulnerable to lower damage but faster firing weapons. Follow-up shot accuracy is hindered by heavier recoil compared to other SLRs. Spread of the RSC 1917 is identical to Factory/Storm variants of other self-loading rifles.

Similar to weapons with interchangeable magazines, the RSC 1917 can only reload by replacing its 5-round clip, though the closed-bolt design allows a +1 capacity generally absent from other weapons of its type. This somewhat unique feature is a significant boost to the RSC's performance, as at full capacity it is capable of taking down three individual enemies with body shots - another characteristic unshared by similar, low-capacity SLRs such as the Autoloading 8 .35, Selbstlader 1906 and General Liu Rifle.

The RSC works best within its two-shot kill range, as its high damage and unparalleled two-shot kill potential is the weapon's primary asset. However at very close range, the user is liable to be out-damaged by faster firing weapons, and at long range the weapon is hampered by accuracy-harming recoil and a small magazine capacity.

The RSC 1917, like most DLC weapons, has two variants: Factory and Optical. Both variants are unlocked by completing individual challenges pertaining to them. When comparing both, the Factory has iron sights, recovers from better hipfire alongside recovers from recoil faster, while the Optical has less spread while looking through its Lens Sight.

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Battlefield VEdit

"By repurposing parts from the Lebel rifle it was designed to replace, the RSC was cheaper to produce for the French army, though there were complaints that it was unwieldy in the trenches."

— In-game description

The RSC is a weapon featured in Battlefield V. Its inclusion was revealed in a blog post detailing all weapons available in the game at launch.[1] It is unlocked at Recon rank 16.

The RSC uses the same damage model as the Model 8, going from a two body-shot kill out to 50m beyond which it drops to a three shot kill. Aside from also sharing a default rate of fire with the Model 8, the weapon has the lowest muzzle velocity in its class, resulting in reduced performance at long range when compared to the ZH-29 and Selbstlader 1906. The weapon's main strength is its capacity and reloading process - it is the only Self-Loading Rifle to have a +1 capacity by default, granting an extra bullet per reload over its contemporaries. This means the rifle is capable of killing three full health enemies within 50m, whereas other SLRs are limited to two. The rifle is also reloaded using an en-bloc clip that function like a detachable magazine, granting quick and consistent reload times when the magazine is partially empty, and an empty reload time similar to stripper clip loading rifles. Attaching optics does not interfere with reloading ability.

Its Specialization tree offers general improvements to handling characteristics as well as improved aimed accuracy in various stances, with the Rank 4 upgrade of Bayonet being unique amongst Self-Loaders.



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