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Not to be confused with the Radio Beacon gadget

The radio is a feature in Battlefield Vietnam, Battlefield: Bad Company, Battlefield 1943, Battlefield: Bad Company 2: Vietnam and Battlefield Hardline.

Battlefield VietnamEdit

In Battlefield Vietnam, the radio can be used inside of any mobile vehicle. Players need to press the "0" key (default) and then press any key from "A" to "P" to select a song from a list of 16 different songs. It features a Vietnam War era soundtrack.

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Battlefield: Bad CompanyEdit

In Battlefield: Bad Company, the radio can be used inside the HMMWV, Vodnik, Cobra or CAV. Players can choose from four different radio stations, each with its own specific style; these being Surf, Blue Steel, Native or Spirit. Alternatively, the player can switch the radio off by cycling to the Radio Off selection

Battlefield 1943Edit

In Battlefield 1943, the radio can be heard inside the Willys MB and the Type 95 Kurogane. It cycles automatically between native Hawaiian music played with a string instrument, and Gagaku, traditional Japanese music, played with a wind instrument. It may also play the Battlefield 1943 theme.

Battlefield: Bad Company 2: VietnamEdit

In Battlefield: Bad Company 2: Vietnam, the radio can be used in any American vehicle and any NVA vehicle besides the T-54. The soundtrack features 49 Vietnam War era songs, many of them already included in Battlefield Vietnam. Players can shuffle through the songs by pressing the button indicated by on-screen tips (default Left button for PS3/Xbox).

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Battlefield HardlineEdit

The Radio returns in Battlefield Hardline, and can be used in every car, including the Armored SUV and Intervention SUV, but not in armored trucks, aircraft, or boats. The player can cycle through songs by pressing G on PC, B on Xbox, and Circle on PlayStation. Holding down the button will turn the radio on and off.

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