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For the similar vehicle, see Rigid Inflatable Boat
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A real-life inflatable raft.

An Inflatable Boat (commonly known as a Raft) is a structure used for transportation across bodies of water. They are occasionally used by militaries in their transportation of their troops.

Battlefield 1942[]

"A lifesaver for stranded Navy personnel, the raft can be used to get back to land so you can fight another day. Be quick though, the leak in the bottom of the raft will give you only a short time to make landfall before it sinks!"

— Tooltip, RAFT

The Raft is a naval vehicle featured in Battlefield 1942. It allows for the occupation of the driver and a passenger. It is equipped on Elco 80 and Type 38 boats and will appear once the boat has destroyed. In Invasion of the Philippines, when occupied the vehicle constantly loses health and will eventually sink. In Liberation of Caen however, they do not lose health.


Battlefield 1942: Secret Weapons of WWII[]

"The Commando Raft is a quick and maneuverable troop landing craft. It's perfect for stealthy troop insertions behind enemy lines. "

— Tooltip, Commando Raft

"While not the most impressive vehicle in the Allied force, the Commando Raft is still an effective vehicle for simple shore-to-ship transportation. With a small outboard motor and forward-mounted machine gun, this boat with its payload of well-armed soldiers is the perfect stealthy, amphibious assault craft."

— World War II Anthology Edition Manual, Commando Raft

The Commando Raft is a vehicle featured in the Battlefield 1942: Secret Weapons of WWII expansion, utilized by the United States Army and British Commandos. It allows for the occupation of the driver, two passengers, and a gunner, who is armed with an M2 Browning.




Commando Raft[]

Battlefield Vietnam[]

In the Battlefield Vietnam World War II Mod, rafts appear when the Elco 80 or Type 38 boats are destroyed, similarly to Battlefield 1942.

Battlefield: Bad Company 2[]

In Battlefield: Bad Company 2, an inflatable boat can be seen on Operation Aurora. It is used by the Able and Bravo Squads to make a stealthy insertion onto the beach. Bravo Squad is forced to abandon their raft after they get compromised and Able Squad is killed off. Even though Thomas Wyatt controls the engine for the raft, the player does not get to actually maneuver it.