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Robots designed around biomechanical principles are currently in development. By taking cues from how living organisms move and function, such robots may excel in areas where traditional wheels, rotors, or thrusters falter. Biomechanical robots may be further advanced by using artificial intelligence, allowing them to operate independently and respond to voice commands.

Robots are sought after by military forces seeking force multipliers or alternatives to manned operations. Further research may one day lead to armored vehicles capable of bipedal locomotion.

Battlefield 2042[]

The Ranger is an autonomous quadruped assault robot that appear in the Battlefield 2042. It is among the tools that players will be able to call into battle, and is shown being airdropped into an active combat zone. The number of Rangers that can be active varies with the map and gamemode.

While using the Commo Rose, Ranger can be commanded to scout a location, guard the player, or run to a location and self-destruct. On PC, these commands are currently hard-coded to the E key instead of the Interact key. Ranger will automatically detect enemy targets (primarily infantry) and highlight them for the player.

Ranger can assist the player with capturing an objective, counting as an ally. Ranger cannot capture an objective alone—the player must be within the objective area.

Ranger emits a set of distinctive sounds in response to various conditions, such as enemies detected, damage incurred, being commanded to self-destruct, or approaching its owner.

It will do its best to follow the player—although it cannot enter vehicles, it can jump over minor terrain, swim across waterways, and deploy its own parachute.[1] Ranger is unable to follow players across ziplines, or if the player is carried out of Ranger's radius by a vehicle (including Main Battle Tanks that can boost faster than Ranger can run, and elevators if Ranger does not immediately follow inside). In some cases, Ranger may take a long route back to the player's position; in others, Ranger may self-destruct.

Ranger will remain on the field until destroyed by enemy action, commanded to self-destruct, is no longer able to follow the player, or if the player is killed. While downed, Ranger can continue engaging targets, but the player will be unable to issue commands.



Battlefield 2042 Ranger Factory.png Default
Battlefield 2042 Ranger Onyx.png Onyx
Ultimate Edition


  • C5 Explosive cannot be affixed to Ranger.
  • The player may pet Ranger by commanding it to move to a position (hold Ping/Commo Rose and press Interact), meeting Ranger at said position, and holding Interact.[3]


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