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"Exodus, we stand together."

— Zain

Rasheed Zain is an Assault specialist featured in Battlefield 2042. He was added in Escalation season.


Birthdate // October 2nd, 2018 (Age 24)
Birth Location // New Cairo City, Egypt
Spoken Languages // Native Egyptian Arabic, English
Nationality // Egyptian

Personal History[]

Zain was born in Egypt at a time of great economic instability. As the infrastructure of the Cairo Governorate continued to disintegrate, Zain's parents lost their jobs and eventually their home. During this period Zain's mother became a full time activist, fighting for the rights of everyday people struggling to survive. Zain would often help his mother paint placards and join her on marches. The experience deepened their bond and inspired one another's commitment to the cause.

When Zain's mother was suddenly diagnosed with Parkinsons, his father made the difficult decision to leave New Cairo City for the country so he could better care for his wife - it was time for others to take up the fight. Zain felt lost and his disillusionment grew.

He saw some of his friends join the military and much to his parents' dismay he followed suit. His confidence and resourcefulness, both traits he developed as a child, propelled him up the ranks of the military and into El-Sa’ka.

Zain's life changed forever when his unit was called upon to oversee the evacuation of a condemned tower block. With the evacuation complete, Zain defied his superiors and reentered the building, claiming to hear people still inside. Moments later the building sustained a mighty collapse. Rescue teams eventually found Zain buried under the rubble, using his body to protect a civilian. They both survived, but Zain required life-saving surgery that resulted in a double leg amputation above the knee.

He underwent intensive rehabilitation and began adapting to life with prosthetic legs. Undeterred, he returned to New Cairo City and volunteered at a No-Pat shelter. It was here that he met Oz who saw in the young man someone who had overcome extreme hardship with his spirit intact. Oz offered Zain a chance to join the No-Pat cause and help build a future together. He accepted and flew to Europe where Oz had him fitted with state-of-the-art prosthetic enhancements and provided intensive combat training to help him master his augmented physique.

Under instructions from Oz, Zain was stationed at a manufacturing plant in the Swedish wilderness. He oversaw the construction of a geoengineering machine that would bring forth a new home for all No-Pats. As American and Russian forces closed the net, the call went out to defend Oz's promised homeland. Zain answers and makes his final stand.

Key Dates[]

  • 2018 - Born in New Cairo City, Egypt.
  • 2023 - at 5, experiences hardship as his country is hit by crisis.
  • 2033 - at 15, relocates to the countryside and becomes disillusioned.
  • 2035 - at 17, finds purpose by joining the military.
  • 2037 - at 19, loses both legs during a military operation.
  • 2038 - at 20, befriends Oz.
  • 2040 - at 22, joins the No-Pat cause.
  • 2042 - at 24, oversees mission at the Nordvik factory in Sweden.


XM370A Airburst Launcher Icon
"An airburst rifle effective at flushing enemy infantry out from behind cover."

— In-game description

Zain is equipped with the XM370A as his specialty, functioning similarly to the XM25 from Battlefield 4 with the difference being that one can manually set the distance without having to exit the scope. It also has the thermal scope.


Perseverance Icon
"Recovery of health after kill."

— In-game description

Zain comes with the Perseverance as his trait. Which allows his health regeneration delay to be cut entirely after killing an enemy.



Battlefield 2042 Rasheed Zain Tactical Headset Tactical Headset
Eleventh Hour Premium Battle Pass tier 79
Battlefield 2042 Rasheed Zain Ballistic Shroud Ballistic Shroud
300 BFC (Headgear)
1,750 BFC (Genetic Drift Bundle)
Battlefield 2042 Rasheed Zain Market Guard Market Guard
300 BFC (Headgear)
1,750 BFC (Termination Clause Bundle)


Battlefield 2042 Rasheed Zain Specialist Zain Specialist Zain
Battlefield 2042 Rasheed Zain Mamba Mamba
Battlefield 2042 Rasheed Zain Hexmesh Triweave Hexmesh Triweave
Zain Mastery 1 (T5)
Battlefield 2042 Rasheed Zain Night Operations Night Operations
5 kills and assists as Zain
Battlefield 2042 Rasheed Zain Perimeter Watch Perimeter Watch
500 BFC (Set)
1,000 BFC (Dustoff Bundle)
Battlefield 2042 Rasheed Zain Oasis Guard Oasis Guard
Zain Mastery 4 (T4)
Battlefield 2042 Rasheed Zain Tier 1 Tier 1
Zain Mastery 40 (T1)
Battlefield 2042 Rasheed Zain Watchful Guardian Watchful Guardian
750 BFC (Set)
1,750 BFC (Silent Strike Bundle)
Battlefield 2042 Rasheed Zain Matrix Matrix
New Dawn Free Battle Pass tier 94
Battlefield 2042 Rasheed Zain Excision Excision
Dark Creations Premium Battle Pass tier 75
Battlefield 2042 Rasheed Zain Top Carnivore Top Carnivore
2,000 BFC (Battle Pass Tier Skip Bonus Bundle)
750 BFC (Set)
1,400 BFC (Prehistoric King Bundle)
Battlefield 2042 Rasheed Zain Chemical Agent Chemical Agent
Escalation Premium Battle Pass tier 100
Battlefield 2042 Rasheed Zain Deathstalker Deathstalker
1,000 BFC (Set)
1,750 BFC (Desert Scorpion Bundle)
Battlefield 2042 Rasheed Zain Antivirus Antivirus
Turning Point Premium Battle Pass tier 100


Loading Screen Quotes[2]
  • "I have my reservations about the Dark Market, but Crawford is a good man. Even if he wants everyone else to think otherwise."
  • "Kalila, Dimnah, and Rawzbah - loyal rangers and even fiercer warriors. I miss them."
  • "Never challenge my faith in Oz. He's done more than all of us combined."
  • "I still have nightmares about being trapped under that rubble. I lost many things that day. But I gained so much more."
  • "Africa has been plundered and exploited for generations. No longer. I take pride in seeing so many of my fellow No-Pats united in our goals for the Richtersveld."


Player Cards[]