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"Prepare to deploy in Czechia around an abandoned industrial facility, slowly being reclaimed by nature."

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Reclaimed is a map featured in Battlefield 2042, introduced in New Dawn season on June 7th, 2023. It is also the first one to not support 128-players Conquest in All-Out Warfare but can still be playing through Battlefield Portal.[2]

Conquest 64[]

"High priority intel has come out of a supposedly abandoned facility in Czechia. Eastern forces have been using the tracks to funnel heavy armor to their frontline, but someone screwed up. A wayward signal gave us exact coordinates. We're going to hit that place hard and fast. Clear them out of there, No-Pats. Any surplus armor on the ground is yours. Command out."

— American Briefing

"You're being deployed to Czechia. A foreign signal has revealed one of our secret logistics routes in the region. The source is unknown, but that does not matter. What matters is the Americans taking advantage of our exposure. We need you to secure this facility and ensure our supply of heavy armor as we push into the east. Cut the Americans off at the pass. You will be well-rewarded."

— Russian Briefing


US Deployment[]

Russian Deployment[]


A: Train Derailment[]

B: Supply Drop[]

C: Factory Complex[]


D: Fortified Bunker[]

E: Fuel Silos[]


"We've found an evidence of Eastern forces holed up near an old Czechian factory. Looks like they've been using the place to transport heavy armor behind our backs. But we lucked out. A stray signal pointed us to the heart of their operation. Neutralize the soldiers on site before they call reinforcements. Push through their defenses and secure everything inside, command out."

— American Briefing

Sector 1[]

Sector 2[]

Sector 3[]



  • The map's internal name is MP_Scarred.