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The Recon kit is featured in Battlefield 4.

Like in Battlefield 3, the Recon has access to the Radio Beacon, SOFLAM, MAV, and T-UGS, but the assortment of gadgets has been greatly expanded. C4 explosives are available for anti-vehicle and demolition purposes, while M18 Claymores can help defend areas or cover a sniper's back. The PLD is a more mobile alternative to the SOFLAM, and throwable Motion Sensors can be used for scouting enemy positions.

The Recon soldier's primary weapon is a bolt-action sniper rifle (the CS-LR4 by default), although any All Kit Weapons (Carbines, DMRs, or Shotguns) can also be utilized to take a different role in combat.



  • The USMC Recon uses the same model as Molina, only with the scarf covering his mouth.
  • The Russian and US Recon-models have a net attached to their shirts/jackets. The use of "netted" uniforms in order to attach ghillie-suits is a common practice amongst snipers, but this feature is purely cosmetic in Battlefield 4.