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Not to be confused with the specialization in Battlefield: Bad Company 2 of the same name.
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Looking through a Tasco ProPoint red dot sight in real life

A Red Dot Sight is a reflex sight for most two handed weapons that gives a nearly unobstructed view of the shooter's target unaffected by parallax or distance while giving them a crosshair from which to shoot. This makes it regarded as a fast, easy to use and versatile sight for police, military and hunting purposes alike.

Battlefield Play4FreeEdit

The Rapid Aim Red Dot Sight is a weapon attachment featured in Battlefield Play4Free. It is unlocked for use at rank 17.

Battlefield 3Edit

Two different Red Dot Sights appear in Battlefield 3. The Reflex (RDS) is the red dot sight for weapons of American and European origin. The Kobra (RDS) is the equivalent for Russian weapons, Chinese weapons, and the Iranian KH2002.

Battlefield 4Edit

A variety of Red Dot Sights are available in Battlefield 4.

Battlefield HardlineEdit

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Numerous Red Dot Sights are featured in Battlefield Hardline.