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Not to be confused with the attachment in other installments of the Battlefield Series.
Assault rifle red dot
Submachine gun red dot
Light machine gun red dot
Sniper rifle red dot

The Red Dot Sight is an attachment featured in the singleplayer of Battlefield: Bad Company 2 as well as a primary Specialization in the game's multiplayer. It replaces a primary weapon's standard iron sights with a precision non-magnifying reflex sight with the aim point of a red dot.


It can be found attached on the AN-94, AEK-971, AKS-74U, Type 88 Sniper, F2000, MG3 and Type 88 LMG. The weapons with this attachment each count as a different collectible.


"A highly effective optical sight providing enhanced point and shoot capability for close quarter combat. It does not emit a laser and therefore is considered a "passive" aiming device."

— In-game description

It can be attached to any primary kit-specific weapon, but not to all-kit weapons, such as shotgun or the WWII weapons, but can be used on the G3 and M14 EBR.

The MG36 mounts a reflex sight with a red dot by default (and therefore will not change when a red dot sight is attached).

Being most effective at short-to-medium range due of its low ADS (Aim Down Sight) time and lack of zoom, it is most useful on guns which have obstructive iron sights, as it allows for a clearer sight picture and easier target acquisition.

The sight is invaluable in dark areas, where iron sights may be difficult to see. The sight specialization is partnered with the weapon, not the player. If a player were to acquire a new weapon in the field the scavenged weapon will not have a sight unless its original owner equipped it.

Likewise, if a player were to acquire a new weapon with a scope without equipping it at spawn, the player will have the benefit of both the scope and keeping their original choice of specializations.

  • Assault - 14000 is required to unlock for use on all assault rifles.
  • Engineer - 11100 is required to unlock for use on all submachine guns.
  • Medic - 15000 is required to unlock for use on all light machine guns.
  • Recon - 12500 is required to unlock for use on all sniper rifles.


  • If a red dot sight is attached on an AUG and the player flips up leaf sights on a launcher, the sights will go through the AUG's red dot sight.
  • On the PC version of the game, the Red Dot Sight can disappear if the player equips the underslung grenade launcher. This can also happen with the 4x Rifle Scope.
  • According to the game files, the red dot used in the game is a Kobra Red Dot Sight