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"Discover a secret underground Scottish facility, dripping with tension and close quarters mayhem."

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Redacted is a map featured in Battlefield 2042, introduced in Dark Creations season on October 10th, 2023.

Conquest 64[]

"We need troops on the ground in the Scottish Hebrides. Arkangel's warned us to Eastern spies operating out of the region. An old bunker there was repurposed by the Boreas biotech initiative, and we believe the Russians are trying to harvest new tech from the lab on site. This area is twenty tiers of classified. Get in, expel the enemy, and report back. Then we'll recover what's inside. It's all on you, No-Pats."

— American Briefing

"One of our spies was captured while investigating a bunker in the Scottish Hebrides, belonging to the Boreas company. Their last recon report sent alarms through our entire command. Some unknown technology is concealed inside. We must assault the bunker and claim it for ourselves before the Americans strip it for parts. Keep both eyes open, No-Pats. We have no idea what you'll find down there."

— Russian Briefing


US Deployment[]

Russian Deployment[]


A: Biological Disposal[]

B: Stress Testing[]

C: Field Testing[]

D: Boreas Laboratory[]


"You're being deployed to a bunker in the Scottish Hebrides. The Russians have dug in, scavenging tech out of the underground lab belonging to Boreas R&D. We can't let the enemy get their hands on cutting edge material. Push into the laboratory and clear the Eastern forces out. Arkangel has provided us with blueprints of the interior, but we won't know what's still intact until we get there. Stay sharp, and take control of that AO."

— American Briefing

"We are in need of reinforcements in the Scottish Hebrides. One of our recon units discovered an underground laboratory there. What they found was of incredible concern. Technology like we have never seen before, developed in secret. Reports claim the laboratory belonged to a company called Boreas, but we suspect this is part of another American conspiracy. Hold the line until our forces extract all necessary evidence. Do not back down."

— Russian Briefing

Sector 1[]

Sector 2[]

Sector 3[]

Sector 4[]