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Repair Tool in the Bad Company series.

The Repair Tool is a gadget in the Battlefield series. It is a modernized version of the Wrench that is seen on many Battlefield games. The Repair Tool's first appearance was in Battlefield 2142, in which it took an appearance of a futuristic blowtorch. In the Bad Company series, it takes the place of a motorised drill.

Battlefield 2142

In Battlefield 2142, the repair tool takes the form of a blowtorch. it can repair vehicles and injure enemy soldiers.

Battlefield: Bad Company 2

In Battlefield: Bad Company 2, the Repair Tool takes the same form as the Repair Tool from the original Battlefield: Bad Company. Its primary role is to repair vehicles when damaged by enemy fire, but it can also be used to wound or kill enemy soldiers and damage enemy vehicles if needed. Statistically, the repair tool is very similar to normal weapons as it uses a repair-per-shot basis. The repair tool repairs at a rate of 950 "shots" per minute, gaining 0.025 heat per "shot". Each shot repairs 6.5 health to an armoured vehicle, and the Repair Tool can fire continuously for 6 seconds before overheating. Once overheated, the repair tool has a 2-second cooldown, during which the Repair tool cannot be used. Repairing friendly vehicles award the player 10 experience points every few seconds, while reparing friendly squad vehicles award the player 20 experience points every few seconds. An engineer in open/jump seats of vehicles such as the UH-60 Black Hawk and the HMMVW can also repair the vehicle without exiting it, but helicopters must be stationary before they can be repaired. thumb|300px|right


  • The tool can also be used to create firing points in concrete barriers, and with enough time and friendly cover, can even be used to breach through the wall itself. (Disabled in Battlefield: Bad Company 2)
  • In a contest for fan-made achievements/trophy in Battlefield: Bad Company 2, the winning entry entailed getting a headshot with the Repair Tool. The achievement/trophy is called "The Dentist".
  • When players attempt to acquire the "Dentist" achievement/trophy, they will have to drill for about 2 seconds upon the unaware enemy's head. This is easy to achieve on UAV operators, as they will be unable to react or move out of "drilling" range.
  • Using the repair tool on another player will result in the same "graunching" noise as when it is used on vehicles and scenery.
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