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For the single shot crossbow, see Crossbow.
Repeating Crossbow IRL

A repeating crossbow in reality.

A repeating crossbow is a modification of a regular crossbow that involves combining the stringing of the bow, placing the bolt and firing the projectile with a single hand movement, facilitating higher rates of fire than regular crossbows. Repeating crossbows were designed and used in China circa 400-500 BC and utilized until 1912. Repeating crossbows often contained a magazine of arrows affixed on top of the crossbow, which are then fed into the bow-string ready to fire via gravity and the operation of a lever to cycle the bolt.

Battlefield HeroesEdit

"Fire arrows at a blazing rate with this ancient state-of-the-art automatic cross-bow."

— In-Game Description

In Battlefield Heroes, there are two weapons that are based on the repeating crossbow, being the Royal Repeater and the National No-End Crossbow. They are identical in their stats, only serving as counterparts to each other. They are both part of the Knights update and are available as replacements for the machine guns of the Gunner class.


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