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For similar rewards in the Battlefield series, see Ribbons
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Ribbons are awards featured in Battlefield 2042. They function in a similar manner to those in past installments, being rewarded after meeting specific requirements pertaining to actions performed, weapons, vehicles, gadgets, etc. Ribbons feature three tiers that grant a greater amount of XP per tier:

  • Tier I: +1000 Exp Bonus
  • Tier II: +500 Exp Bonus
  • Tier III: +500 Exp Bonus

The game features five ribbons. Ribbons may be earned as many times as their requirements are met. Progress for ribbons can be checked in the pause menu while in a match and is reset at the end of each match.[1]


Ribbon Name In a Round Requirements
BF2042 Objective Ribbon.jpeg Objective Play the objective
BF2042 Wingman Ribbon.jpeg Wingman Support teammates with revives and various assists
BF2042 Logistics Ribbon.jpeg Logistics Heal and resupply others and repair vehicles
BF2042 Intel Ribbon.jpeg Intel Spot and disrupt enemies, such as via EMP’s or destroying drones
BF2042 Combat Ribbon.jpeg Combat Score kills and destroy vehicles