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For similar rewards in the Battlefield series, see Ribbons

Ribbons are one of the two award systems featured in Battlefield 3. Ribbons can be awarded multiple times upon meeting their requirements, such as vehicle type, weapon type, teamwork success, combat efficiency success or game type, and are the basis to earning Medals.

Ribbons' reward range isn't wide, ranging from 200 to 500 points yet their ability to be awarded multiple times per match and relativity short requirements make them a reliable source of experience.


Ribbon Name In a Round Requirements Experience Reward
Assault Rifle Ribbon Assault Rifle Ribbon Kill 7 enemies with Assault Rifles 200 Points
Light Machine Gun Ribbon Light Machine Gun Ribbon Kill 7 enemies with Light Machine Guns 200 Points
Carbine Ribbon Carbine Ribbon Kill 7 enemies with Carbines 200 Points
Handgun Ribbon Handgun Ribbon Kill 4 enemies with Handguns 200 Points
Sniper Rifle Ribbon Sniper Rifle Ribbon Kill 7 enemies with Sniper Rifles 200 Points
PDW Ribbon PDW Ribbon Kill 7 enemies with Personal Defense Weapons 200 Points
Shotgun Ribbon Shotgun Ribbon Kill 7 enemies with Shotguns 200 Points
Disable Vehicle Ribbon Disable Vehicle Ribbon Disable 4 enemy Vehicles 200 Points
Melee Ribbon Melee Ribbon Kill 4 enemies with Melee Weapons 200 Points
Resupply Efficiency Ribbon Resupply Efficiency Ribbon 7 Resupplies 200 Points
Surveillance Efficiency Ribbon Surveillance Efficiency Ribbon 5 Motion Sensor Assists 200 Points
Medical Efficiency Ribbon Medical Efficiency Ribbon 5 Revives 200 Points
Flag Defender Ribbon Flag Defender Ribbon 5 Flag Defends 200 Points
Flag Attacker Ribbon Flag Attacker Ribbon 4 Flag Captures 200 Points
M-COM Defender Ribbon M-COM Defender Ribbon Defend 2 M-COM stations 200 Points
M-COM Attacker Ribbon M-COM Attacker Ribbon Destroy 2 M-COM stations 200 Points
Air Warfare Ribbon Air Warfare Ribbon Kill 5 enemies with Air Vehicles 200 Points
Stationary Emplacement Ribbon Stationary Emplacement Ribbon Kill 2 enemies with Emplaced Weapons 200 Points
Armored Warfare Ribbon Armored Warfare Ribbon In a round, kill 7 enemies with Land Vehicles 200 Points
Transport Warfare Ribbon Transport Warfare Ribbon In a round, kill 4 enemies with Transport Vehicles 200 Points
Squad Wipe Ribbon Squad Wipe Ribbon 2 Squad Wipe Bonuses 200 Points
Squad Spawn Ribbon Squad Spawn Ribbon 7 Squad Spawn Bonuses 200 Points
Anti Explosives Ribbon Anti Explosives Ribbon Destroy 3 enemy Explosives 200 Points
Combat Efficiency Ribbon Combat Efficiency Ribbon 3 Streak Bonuses 500 Points
MVP Ribbon MVP Ribbon Be the best Player 500 Points
MVP 2 Ribbon MVP 2 Ribbon Be the second best Player 400 Points
Nemesis Ribbon Nemesis Ribbon 2 Nemesis Kills 200 Points
Suppression Ribbon Suppression Ribbon 4 Suppression Assists 200 Points
Avenger Ribbon Avenger Ribbon 2 Avenger Kills 200 Points
Savior Ribbon Savior Ribbon 2 Savior Kills 200 Points
Anti Vehicle Ribbon Anti Vehicle Ribbon Destroy 3 enemy Vehicles 200 Points
Accuracy Ribbon Accuracy Ribbon 5 Headshot Kills 200 Points
Maintainence Efficiency Ribbon Maintenance Efficiency Ribbon 7 Repairs 200 Points
MVP 3 Ribbon MVP 3 Ribbon Be the third best Player 300 Points
Ace Squad Ribbon Ace Squad Ribbon Be a part of the best Squad 500 Points
Squad Rush Ribbon Squad Rush Ribbon Finish a Squad Rush round 200 Points
Squad Deathmatch Ribbon Squad Deathmatch Ribbon Finish a Squad Deathmatch round 200 Points
Rush Ribbon Rush Ribbon Finish a Rush round 200 Points
Conquest Ribbon Conquest Ribbon Finish a Conquest round 200 Points
Team Deathmatch Ribbon Team Deathmatch Ribbon Finish a TDM round 200 Points
Tdmcq-round-ribbon TDMCQ Ribbon Finish a TDMCQ round 200 Points
Tanksuperiorityribbon Tank Superiority Ribbon Finish a Tank Superiority round 200 Points
Scavengerribbon Scavenger Ribbon Finish a Scavenger round 200 Points
Conquest dominationribbon Domination Ribbon Finish a Domination round 200 Points
Gmribbon Gun Master Ribbon Finish a Gun Master round 200 Points
BF3 Capture the Flag Ribbon Capture the Flag Ribbon Finish a Capture the Flag round 200 Points
BF3 Air Superiority Ribbon Air Superiority Ribbon Finish an Air Superiority round 200 Points
Rush Winner Ribbon Rush Winner Ribbon Win a Rush round 500 Points
Conquest Winner Ribbon Conquest Winner Ribbon Win a Conquest round 500 Points
TDM Winner TDM Winner Win a TDM round 500 Points
Squad Rush Winner Squad Rush Winner Ribbon Win a Squad Rush round 500 Points
Squad Deathmatch Winner Squad Deathmatch Winner Win a Squad Deathmatch round 500 Points
Tdmcq-winner-ribbon TDMCQ Winner Ribbon Win a TDMCQ round 500 Points
Tanksuperiority2d Tank Superiority Winner Ribbon Win a Tank Superiority round 500 Points
Scavenger ribbon Scavenger Winner Ribbon Win a Scavenger round 500 Points
Conquest domination2d Domination Winner Ribbon Win a Domination round 500 Points
Gunmaster2d Gun Master Winner Ribbon Win a Gun Master round 500 Points
BF3 Capture the Flag Winner Ribbon Capture the Flag Winner Ribbon Win a Capture the Flag round 500 Points
BF3 Air Superiority Winner Ribbon Air Superiority Winner Ribbon Win an Air Superiority round 500 Points