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For similar rewards in the Battlefield series, see Ribbons

Ribbons are awards featured in Battlefield V. Functioning in a similar manner to past installments, players are awarded ribbons through the completion of specific tasks in a round and may be obtained more than once.

Ribbons are currently not available to view in the main menu nor can they be viewed in after-action reports of matches. Ribbons are known to be bugged as they do not always display the correct image or criteria when awarded. It is unclear if ribbons award experience points or Company Coin.



Medal Name Stage Requirements
Superior Operational Service Ribbon Superior Operational Service
  • Capture 1 objective
Distinguished Defender's Cross Ribbon Outstanding Operational Gallantry
  • Perform 2 offensive kills
Outstanding Field Gallantry Outstanding Field Gallantry
  • Perform 2 defensive kill
Outstanding Explosive Ordance Deployment Ribbon Outstanding Explosive Ordnance Deployment
  • Arm an objective
Outstanding Explosive Ordance Disposal Ribbon Outstanding Explosive Ordnance Disposal
  • Disarm an objective
Combat Engineer Commendation 3 Ribbon Combat Engineer Commendation
Combat Engineer Service Combat Engineer Commendation
Valorous Combat Engineer Service Valorous Combat Engineer Service
Combat Engineer Commendation 2 Ribbon Order of Prospero
  • Construct 3 Fortifications
  • Obtain 1 Fortification kill assist

Combat Service

Medal Name Stage Requirements
Superior Service in Reconnaissance Ribbon Superior Service in Reconnaissance
  • Kill 6 enemies in any combination of either snipers or by obtaining headshots against running enemies
Outstanding Marksmenship Outstanding Marksmanship
  • Obtain 3 headshots
Meritorious Covert Operations Gallantry Ribbon Meritorious Covert Operations Gallantry
  • Obtain 3 melee kills
Anti Materiel Commendation Ribbon Anti Material Commendation
  • Destroy a vehicle
Order of the Caduceus Ribbon Order of The Caduceus
  • Revive 3 teammates as a Medic
  • Resupply 5 teammates as a Medic
Field Surgery Merit Ribbon Field Surgery Merit
  • Revive a teammates as a Medic
Operational Triage Merit Operational Triage Merit
  • Resupply a teammate as a Medic


Medal Name Stage Requirements
Order of Trasmene Ribbon Order of Trasmene
  • Kill 6 enemies in any combination with sidearms and melee weapons
Order of Marius Ribbon Order of Marius
  • Obtain 5 kill assists and 3 spot assists
Order of Cannae Ribbon Order of Cannae
  • Called in 1 Reinforcement and issue 2 completed Orders"
Distinguished Defender's Cross Ribbon1 Distinguished Defender's Cross
  • Kill 6 enemies in any combination of offensive and defensive kills
Joint Operations Merit Ribbon Joint Operations Merit
  • Spawn on a squadmate
Conspicuous Valor Merit Ribbon Conspicuous Valor Merit
  • Complete 2 squad orders
Fire Support Valor Merit Ribbon Fire Support Valor Merit
  • Fully suppress 2 enemies
Joint Operations Logistics Merit Joint Operations Logistics Merit
  • Resupply 3 Teammates
Field Logistics Merit (Vehicle) Field Logistics Merit (Vehicle)
Field Logistics Honors (Vehicle) Field Logistics Honors (Vehicle)
  • Fortify an objective with a towable


  • Ribbons were shown to be awarded to players at the start of rounds for actions that the player did not complete. This was fixed in a subsequent patch.
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