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Colonel Rico Escopar is a character featured in Battlefield: Bad Company 2 iOS and is the main antagonist. He is the leader of the local Militia.


Bravo One Charlie was ordered to transport a server to Agent Aguire that held Intel on how to stop an ultimate weapon that the Russians were building in South America. The Russians set up a deal with Rico Escopar, a local militia leader, to recover the server from the squad and exchange it.

Escopar ordered the Militia to shoot down the helicopter and recover the server, which they were successful in. They then transported it to the Militia base to sit for the time being. Bravo One Charlie eventually infiltrated the base, only to find that the server was nowhere to be found. They did however; find Intel on Escopar and his deal with the Russians. They then proceeded to try and stop Escopar before he could exchange the server.

While successful, Escopar fled in a truck, prompting Haggard and Marlowe to pursue him. Haggard was able to run Escopar off the road but crashed their vehicle in the process, breaking his leg. Unable to pursue him into the nearby caves, Haggard gave Marlowe his pistol and ordered him to apprehend Escopar. After numerous firefights between the two in the caves, Marlowe was able to apprehend him and get the server back. Escopar was then taken into the custody of the United States.

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