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Not to be confused with the 4X Rifle Scope
Barska 9x riflescope

A Barska 9x Rifle Scope in reality.

High powered Rifle Scopes that feature specialized range finding reticles are commonly employed by snipers to see and engage a target at extreme distances.

The Rifle Scope appears in Battlefield 3 and Battlefield 4 as a 6-8x scope for primary weapons. In Battlefield 3, the scope itself appears to be based on an amalgam of various Barska and ZOS sniper scopes, while the Battlefield 4 version is based on a combination of Vision King scopes. Neither version is based on a definitive model of a particular scope.

Battlefield 3Edit


A render of the Rifle Scope in Battlefield 3.

The Rifle Scope is an attachment featured in Battlefield 3. Two versions of the scope, the 6x and 8x, are unlockable for use with most of the weapons in the game - save for pistols, most PDWs, and belt-fed light machine guns. The 8x version is reserved for Sniper Rifles and the 6x version is available for every other applicable weapon class. Both versions of the scope use the same model.

The Rifle Scope is the American equivalent of the Russian PKS-07. The differences between the two are that the Rifle Scope has two zoom levels depending on the weapon, has a larger field of view, and uses a mil-dot crosshair reticle; the PKS-07 has a 7x zoom for all weapons, a slightly smaller field of view, and uses stacked chevrons as distance measurement.

Rifle Scope (6x)Edit

"A high magnification 6x scope available for most rifles, the Rifle Scope can be steadied by holding the sprint button when aimed, or by using a Bipod, but can reveal your position when aimed at enemies."

— Battlelog description

The Rifle Scope (6x) is a weapon optic available on assault rifles, carbines, shotguns, magazine-fed LMGs, and the AS VAL. It is the second highest power optic available for these weapons, with the PKS-07 being the most powerful with a magnification of 7x.

While aiming, this scope, unlike the slightly weaker ACOG and PSO-1 scopes, can be steadied by holding the sprint button, or by deploying the weapon on a bipod. However, being a high power scope, it will take up all of the player's view as well as give off scope glint. Like all high powered scopes, the Rifle Scope will give off glint even if the player is not currently aimed down sight.

Rifle Scope (8x)Edit

"A high magnification 8x scope available for sniper rifles, the Rifle Scope can be steadied by holding the sprint button when aimed, or by using a Bipod, but can reveal your position when aimed at enemies."

— Battlelog description.

The Rifle Scope (8x) is a sniper rifle exclusive scope. It functions identically to the 6x version, being capable of being steadied as well as still giving off scope glint, but has a higher magnification of 8x. 

Community tests showed that, when equipped on a SV98, every mildot on the Rifle Scope represents 250 units of distance.  That means if the target is 250 meters away from a player, he must bring his aim 1 mildot upwards.

Battlefield 4Edit

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"Western standard issue 8x magnification rifle scope with ballistic drop reticle to aid in long range fire."

— Battlelog description

The Rifle Scope (8X) is a sniper rifle exclusive scope in Battlefield 4. It is the American equivalent of the Russian PKS-07 and Chinese CL6X. The Rifle Scope features the highest magnification of the three default scopes at 8x, and is third highest overall, behind the Hunter (20X) and Ballistic (40X). Like all sniper rifle scopes, it is compatible with the Variable Zoom attachment, boosting its magnification to 14x.

Compared to its Battlefield 3 counterpart, the Rifle Scope now sports a new model, is exclusively available to sniper rifles, with 8x magnification.


In singleplayer, the Rifle Scope appears as a preset optic on the M82A3 and 338-Recon.


In multiplayer, the Rifle Scope is the default scope on American and European sniper rifles. It must be unlocked through Battlepacks for all other Russian and Chinese sniper rifles.

Battlefield HardlineEdit

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The Rifle Scope is an optic featured in Battlefield Hardline, functioning in the same manner as the Battlefield 4 variant.


Battlefield 4Edit

  • The Rifle Scope shares its icon and model with the Scope (3x), with the model for the 3x being slightly smaller.
  • The Rifle Scope is referred as Visionking in the game files, after the brand of scopes the attachment was based off of.
  • Oddly, VisionKing is a Chinese scope manufacturer, but the rifle scope in-game is used as the default sniper scope for American weapons. The CL6x, which is based off of the American TA648-308 ACOG scope, is instead used on Chinese weapons.
  • Visionzone 1.5-5x is written on top of the scope. This is likely reference to the VisionKing VS1.5-5x30QZ.
  • A slightly modified model of the Battlefield 3 Rifle Scope appears as the Hunter (20X). As a result, the Hunter is called Riflescope in the game's files.