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Risk Battlefield Rogue

Risk Battlefield Rogue is a two-four player Battlefield 4 themed game of Risk developed by Rob Daviau and published by Hasbro. The game features nine different scenarios having different victory conditions. Each scenario is produced by combining tiles to form the Battlefield. Objectives are achieved through squads which may be done by fighting to control a zone, placing units in a certain location, or eliminating opponent units.

There are three levels of play: Boot Camp, Intermediate, and Advanced. The Advanced mode includes rules for air support, destructible cover, special commander powers, and class-specific powers.

On their turn, players will draw cards based on how many and which type of control points they own, move aircraft, fight other aircraft, move one squad, and fire with one squad. The game's cards allow players to recruit new units, call in airstrikes, or manipulate combat odds by upgrading the specialized attack and defense dice to more powerful ones with better results. The winning player or team is the one that accomplishes the stated victory condition on a scenario, usually by holding a specific set of territories or eliminating an entire opposing force.[1]