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Riverside Rush is a map featured in Battlefield Heroes and was released on September 30, 2009. The map features two empty canals connecting village surrounding river from east to west.


Riverside Rush is a conquest map with four capture points: (Clockwise from North) Toll House, Market, Boulevard, and Square. The map's main center of conflict is the canal area between the flags of Boulevard (usually controlled by Royals) and Square (usually controlled by Nationals). Many National Commandos will go onto a hill West of Boulevard to snipe Royal Soldiers. The map is notable for its dry canals and autumn theme.



Toll House[]

Located to the left of the spawning area for the Boulevard, this spot is away from most of the fight. Easy to access with a simple walk up a hill, it gives a great view of the canals, middle courtyard between the Market and Boulevard, and some of the bridge from the Toll House to the Market. The disadvantage to this spot is very low level of cover and a soldier or gunner can easily kill you from a distance.



The main action in Riverside Rush happens between Market, Boulevard and Square while the Toll House is less frequented.

Capture the Flag[]

Riverside Rush CTF mode was released with Version 1.82.

V2 Vengeance[]



  • Riverside Rush CTF mode was released in the 1.82 update.
  • Riverside Rush received its name from a Battlefield Heroes player who won a contest held by DICE to give the map a name.

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