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A player achieves a roadkill in a Ka-52 on Oasis in Battlefield: Bad Company

A Roadkill is a term commonly used to describe an animal or animals that have been struck by a motor vehicle. In the Battlefield series, it is used to classify a type of player death who have been hit by an oncoming vehicle; Wether it be land, sea or air.


In most Battlefield games, roadkills happens when a player comes into contact with a fast moving vehicle, enemy or not, including allied vehicles on Hardcore.

Because roadkills from neutral vehicles are more accidental in nature, they have appropriate non-standard killcam messages. (e.g. "Bad Luck"). Enemies are credited with the kill if they're responsible for it.

Roadkills aren't always exclusive to those on foot. Occupants of a smaller, light-armored vehicle (i.e. a ATV) can be crushed and killed by a larger vehicle, such as an MBT,  if they collide at high speed. Though the surviving vehicle will suffer from damage due to impact.

Battlefield 1942 and Battlefield Vietnam[]

In Battlefield 1942 and Battlefield Vietnam, the kills are semi-difficult to achieve as a single impact from a vehicle may not directly kill a player, more so the constant ramming into them will eventually kill them. When killed, the kill will be classified as killed.

Battlefield: Bad Company[]

In Battlefield: Bad Company, the player can get the "Transport Vehicle Patch" series by getting a number of "Transport Vehicle Trophy" and 2 roadkills. The player can also achieve the "Fly-by" wildcard by getting four roadkills with air vehicles in a round.

Battlefield: Bad Company 2[]

The Roadkill hud icon.

Roadkills are similarity obtained in Battlefield: Bad Company 2. The player can earn the achievement/trophy "Airkill" in Battlefield: Bad Company 2 by Roadkilling an enemy with a helicopter or UAV.

Battlefield 3[]

Roadkills in Battlefield 3 are obtained similar to Bad Company 2. If a player gets a roadkill with Skid Loader on either Wake Island 2014 or Gulf of Oman, they will receive the "Like A Boss" achievement/trophy.


Bad Company 2[]

  • When inside a heilcopter, if a player jumps out, they may be "roadkilled" by the vehicle's rotors.

Battlefield 3[]

  • The EOD Bot and MAV gadgets are also capable of roadkills. After the 1.04 (March 2012) patch, the MAV can still be used for a single roadkill, but will be destroyed upon contact and the reason of death in the killfeed is "KILLED". However, due to a glitch the MAV may survive and be fully operational, with the reason of death being actually "MAV".
  • Using the M224 Mortar will inexplicably spare its user from being roadkilled, as well as provide protection against takedowns. (Technically, the user is considered to be inside a vehicle.)
  • A player can go prone between the treads or wheels of an oncoming vehicle, to avoid being crushed.
  • Unlike in previous games, the reason of death in the killfeed for a roadkill is the name of the vehicle instead of "killed" or "roadkill".