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"The Rocket Platform is an experimental static Rocket Launcher. It can rotate 360 degrees and fire rapid volleys of 6 rockets before reloading."


The Rocket Platform is a stationary weapon emplacement featured in Battlefield 1942, introduced in the Secret Weapons of WWII expansion.

Appearing exclusively on the map Raid on Agheila, the weapon is essentially an immobile version of the rocket launcher passenger weapon mounted on the back of the Krupp Kfz. The gunner controls the weapon from a pod attached to the right side of the battery, which is fully enclosed apart from a window in the front, however the station has low health and can be damaged with small arms. It can fire six rockets in succession, with infinite reserve rockets. Its primary use is to combat vehicles, including the Flettner, with the emplacement being fully rotatable and with high vertical traverse.

Unlike the Krupp Kfz, the Rocket Platform cannot use the artillery interface.