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For the Battlefield 3 cut co-op level of the same name, see Rolling Thunder

Rolling Thunder is the ninth mission in Battlefield 2: Modern Combat.


Now we're really cookin'! We have a support base and intel on the surrounding area. You are now designated the Combined Armor Assault Team for this command. Conduct an attack on Chinese heavy tank units located on or around the crest of that hill to the west of our position. This will be tank on tank but we expect them to have heavy air support on call so you'll need to complete your mission before the birds show up. Seize and hold that high ground.


In this mission, the player plays from the viewpoint of the NATO. The player must guide a group of T-90 tanks at a hill west of the NATO airfield in order to take out a group of PLA Type 98 tanks along with the supporting infantry before the PLA can call for air support and retake the airfield. When all tanks and infantry have been exterminated, the mission is complete.


To achieve a full 10-star rating, the player will need to complete the following milestones by the end of the mission:

  • Score: 150,000 points or more
  • Time: Completion in under nine minutes
  • Style/Weapon Use (amount of hot-swapping): Expert (about 10 hot-swaps)
  • Accuracy: Greater than 70% shots hit
  • Losses: Less than 16 soldiers on the player's team died
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